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1. What kinds of courses does Damon Knight teach?

Damon Knight is a professor of fiction courses. He specializes in short story writing and attempts to teach students how to learn skills that help them become professional writers after starting as amateurs.

2. What debate does Knight struggle with?

Knight has struggled with the debate of whether or not it is possible to teach somebody how to write. He also wonders if teaching somebody how to write will inhibit or destroy natural creativity that one already possesses.

3. According to Knight, what skill have many writers not learned?

Knight claims that many writers have not learned how to write. They are not taught how to create stories and how to put the various components together that end up creating a short story or even a novel.

4. What conclusion did Knight come to about teaching students how to write?

Knight determined that it is possible to teach students how to write. He also believed that this possibility was limited. He realizes he cannot teach students how to be the best writer, but he can offer them skills necessary to become a great writer.

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