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Objective: Joel Coles has trouble abstaining from alcohol and cannot understand why Nat needs someone to manage his money. The lesson discusses Joel's immature nature.

1) Class Discussion: What techniques does the author use to show Joel's immaturity? How does his immature nature drive the plot of the story? How does Stella help to bring out his immaturity?

2) In-Class Writing: Write an essay of a few paragraphs on how Joel's conversation with Nat about his gambling problem is evidence that Joel is immature.

3) Small Group Discussion: Split the class into four groups and have them discuss Joel's immaturity in regard to Stella. How does he behave when she is around? A spokesperson from each group should tell the class what the group talks about.

4) Homework: Write a few paragraphs describing Joel's immaturity in regard to alcohol. What does it say about Joel that he breaks his promise to...

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