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Part 1

• Joel Coles, a young screen writer, moves to Hollywood six months ago and is trying to impress studio executives with his work.

• Joel is invited to a party at the house of director Miles Calman.

• Joel makes a promise to himself that he does not drink alcohol because Miles frowns upon drunkenness.

• When Joel arrives at Miles' house, he is pleased to see only two other screenwriters in attendance.

• Miles' wife Stella gives Joel a martini, causing him to break his promise to himself.

• Joel and Stella, who know each other in New York, chat about how everyone in Hollywood is fake.

• Stella introduces Joel to people, making him feel important.

• Joel tells Stella that people do not pay attention to her because they are afraid of her husband.

• Stella begins talking to other guests, and Joel watches to see if she treats them with the same...

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