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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did one of the boys throw through the window?
(a) an empty beer bottle
(b) a brick
(c) a rock
(d) a baseball

2. What do Eddie, Joyce and Ava do to ensure Imani's safety when with her mother?
(a) hide a microphone in Mattie's house
(b) watch the house all weekend
(c) hire a body guard
(d) tell the sheriff to go by often

3. What do they find has happened to Imani?
(a) she has been burned
(b) her legs are broken
(c) she has bruises on her ribs
(d) her head is hurt

4. What does Ava tell Joyce about to convince her to worry about the robberies?
(a) about what could happen to the girls
(b) about rapes that are also happening
(c) about kids on crack
(d) about an old neighbor of hers in Atlanta

5. What does Gerry do about the information?
(a) denies it
(b) confronts her husband
(c) kills her husband
(d) moves to Chicago

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Joyce and Ava find in the house?

2. What do Eddie and Ava decide when they meet?

3. What does Joyce do when Frank and Mattie won't let them in the house?

4. What does Ava what to avoid the day she meets Eddie again?

5. Why does Ava run out of the house when Eddie asks her to marry him?

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