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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In what season has Ava arrived in Idlewild?
(a) summer
(b) fall
(c) spring
(d) winter

2. Where does Ava ask Eddie to stop on the way home?
(a) a drugstore
(b) a fast food joint
(c) the liquor store
(d) Wal-mart

3. What happened to Joyce's husband?
(a) He won the lottery
(b) He had a severe stroke
(c) He was killed in a car wreck
(d) He drowned

4. What is Eddie's relationship to Joyce?
(a) is a co-worker
(b) is an ex-boyfriend
(c) is her cousin
(d) was her husband's best friend

5. What do Ava and Eddie talk about when they go inside?
(a) his mother
(b) his time in Vietnam
(c) how he feels about HIV
(d) his education

Short Answer Questions

1. Whose arrival in Joyce's house brings joy?

2. What type of job did Ava have?

3. What is Eddie doing when Ava arrives at his house?

4. Where is Ava from originally?

5. Why is Ava not surprised Joyce didn't meet her?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Ava want to tell Eddie and why?

2. What does Ava do with Aretha and how does Ava feel about it?

3. What does Joyce say about the content of the envelope?

4. What does Ava think and what does she see when they drop off the young girl and baby?

5. What is the news about the baby Joyce helped with the night Ava arrived and what happened to her?

6. How are the two sisters reacting to Imani's presence in the house?

7. What does the success of the Sewing Circus move Joyce to do?

8. What do Joyce and Ava do the night Gerry brought the envelope to the house?

9. What does Ava see when a car pulls into the driveway while Joyce is out of town?

10. What does Joyce do for work, with whom does she work, where do they meet, what are they called, and why?

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