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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In what three areas does Joyce want to deal with in the Circus?
(a) reading, math and history
(b) financial, material and spiritual
(c) eating, exercise and health
(d) praying, reading the Bible and going to church

2. What does Eddie propose to do about Frank?
(a) he thinks he should be in jail
(b) he thinks he should get therapy
(c) he wants to go after him
(d) he wants him to leave town

3. What does Johnny Mack tell Eddie?
(a) his sister's coming to live with him
(b) he killed one of the burghers
(c) he's selling his house
(d) he's getting married

4. What did Eddie suggest to Ava about the boys?
(a) that they were basically good kids
(b) that they were just having fun
(c) that he take care of them once and for all
(d) that she tell their parents

5. Who is Tyrone's father?
(a) the chief of police
(b) the school principal
(c) Joyce's good friend
(d) the minister

6. What does Gerry do about the information?
(a) denies it
(b) confronts her husband
(c) kills her husband
(d) moves to Chicago

7. What does Ava do for Aretha?
(a) gives her a haircut
(b) writes Interlochen
(c) gives her money
(d) takes her to the store

8. How does Joyce feel about Eddie and Ava?
(a) jealous
(b) depressed
(c) delighted
(d) hesitant

9. Where does the meeting about Joyce's house take place?
(a) in a coffee shop
(b) the sheriff's office
(c) Joyce's house
(d) the church

10. Who does Eddie say has been robbed now?
(a) Patricia Lyman
(b) Eddie's neighbor
(c) Johnny Mack
(d) his brother

11. Why does Ava worry that she has gone from HIV positive to full blown AIDS?
(a) woke up with drenched sheets
(b) she is feeling very tired
(c) she starts to bruise
(d) she has shortness of breath

12. Why did Ava wake up when a car pulled in at Joyce's?
(a) Eddie was supposed to come over
(b) the lights shine in her room
(c) she wasn't expecting anyone
(d) the car backfired

13. What time does Ava wake up the morning after she had sex with Eddie?
(a) eight A.M.
(b) noon
(c) six A.M.
(d) ten A.M.

14. What worries Joyce about the break-ins?
(a) she can't replace broken windows
(b) she can't aford to lose much
(c) the safety of Imani
(d) she can't fix a door if it's broken

15. How is the issue finally resolved?
(a) Gerry will pay for the window
(b) the boys will do community service
(c) it's not resolved
(d) the boys' license will be suspended

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Eddie say to Ava as they're walking?

2. What does the hospital say after they treat Imani?

3. How does Ava feel about Eddie's response to her talk with him?

4. How do Ava and Eddie feel when they see each other?

5. What does Joyce do when Frank and Mattie won't let them in the house?

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