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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Joyce see as a beacon of hope for the Sewing Circus?
(a) Imani
(b) Aretha
(c) Eddie
(d) Ava

2. Where has Ava been trying to see Eddie?
(a) She has driven by his house a few times
(b) She has gone by his work place
(c) She has been avoiding him
(d) She hasn't been actively seeking him

3. What does Ava do for Aretha?
(a) gives her a haircut
(b) gives her money
(c) takes her to the store
(d) writes Interlochen

4. What is Joyce forced to do with Imani?
(a) nothing
(b) turn her over to the authorities
(c) go out of the state with her
(d) keep her hidden

5. Why does Joyce decide to visit the state capitol?
(a) she couldn't get the right person on the phone
(b) she felt like getting out of town
(c) she wants to get away from the baby's crying
(d) she has to file an appeal in person

6. Why did black people first start coming to Idlewild?
(a) to form a militant commune
(b) because the lake was pretty
(c) it was a haven from the city
(d) to build an all black community

7. What does Eddie want Joyce to do?
(a) get a better lock on her door
(b) get an alarm system
(c) get a gun
(d) move near him

8. Who is Tyrone's father?
(a) the minister
(b) the school principal
(c) the chief of police
(d) Joyce's good friend

9. What is Ava thinking about as she runs through the woods?
(a) how she can't have sex
(b) how she can marry Eddie
(c) how she can say no to Eddie
(d) how she has never wanted to marry

10. What does Ava what to avoid the day she meets Eddie again?
(a) Joyce's opinion
(b) Gerry Anderson
(c) the Sewing Circus
(d) sleeping with him

11. What did the letter Joyce received from the state say?
(a) the state halted funding for the Sewing Circus
(b) the state was taking the house
(c) the state was awarding her a larger grant
(d) she owed back taxes to the state

12. What does Ava tell Joyce about to convince her to worry about the robberies?
(a) about what could happen to the girls
(b) about kids on crack
(c) about an old neighbor of hers in Atlanta
(d) about rapes that are also happening

13. What did the two boys in the car do?
(a) run over the garden
(b) shoot into the house
(c) have sex with the girl in the car
(d) played loud music

14. What does Johnny Mack tell Eddie?
(a) his sister's coming to live with him
(b) he's getting married
(c) he killed one of the burghers
(d) he's selling his house

15. What does Joyce do when Frank and Mattie won't let them in the house?
(a) hits Frank over the head
(b) goes and gets Eddie
(c) breaks into the back door
(d) goes to the sheriff

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Ava run out of the house when Eddie asks her to marry him?

2. How is the issue finally resolved?

3. Where does Ava go when she wakes up?

4. What has Ava determined to do with Eddie?

5. What do Eddie and Ava decide when they meet?

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