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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Eddie and Ava decide when they meet?
(a) to stay strictly friends
(b) to talk to Joyce about dating
(c) to play it cool for a while
(d) to see each other that night

2. Why does Ava feel satisfied about her interaction with Aretha?
(a) that Aretha idolizes her
(b) that Aretha asks so many questions
(c) that she helped her self esteem
(d) that Aretha does what Ava says

3. What do Ava and Eddie think about Frank's behavior towards Imani?
(a) there's no reason for it
(b) he probably didn't do it
(c) he's was just not thinking
(d) Imani probably provoked him

4. Where does Ava meet Eddie again after the night he told her about his jail time?
(a) at the grocery store
(b) at a gas station
(c) at the library
(d) at Joyce's

5. To what does Ava tell Eddie no?
(a) becoming engaged
(b) going to the movies
(c) staying the night at his house
(d) seeing him again

6. What does Joyce do about the boys when she comes home?
(a) files a police report
(b) calls their parents
(c) vandalizes their car
(d) recruits their girlfriend for the Sewing Circus

7. Where has Ava been trying to see Eddie?
(a) She has been avoiding him
(b) She has driven by his house a few times
(c) She has gone by his work place
(d) She hasn't been actively seeking him

8. What is Ava thinking about as she runs through the woods?
(a) how she has never wanted to marry
(b) how she can't have sex
(c) how she can marry Eddie
(d) how she can say no to Eddie

9. What did Eddie suggest to Ava about the boys?
(a) that he take care of them once and for all
(b) that they were basically good kids
(c) that she tell their parents
(d) that they were just having fun

10. What does Gerry do about the information?
(a) confronts her husband
(b) kills her husband
(c) denies it
(d) moves to Chicago

11. What did the letter Joyce received from the state say?
(a) the state halted funding for the Sewing Circus
(b) she owed back taxes to the state
(c) the state was taking the house
(d) the state was awarding her a larger grant

12. What kind of information does Ava receive about the Andersons?
(a) that he is not a licensed minister
(b) that they have had children taken away from them
(c) that the Reverend has been caught with young men
(d) that Gerry is a closet lesbian

13. Why won't Joyce do what Eddie wants her to do?
(a) she's too frightened
(b) it's against her religion
(c) it's too expensive
(d) she thinks the best of everyone

14. How is the issue finally resolved?
(a) the boys will do community service
(b) Gerry will pay for the window
(c) it's not resolved
(d) the boys' license will be suspended

15. What does Eddie want Joyce to do?
(a) get an alarm system
(b) get a better lock on her door
(c) get a gun
(d) move near him

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Eddie say to Ava as they're walking?

2. What is Joyce forced to do with Imani?

3. Why does Imani's mother want her child back?

4. Why did black people first start coming to Idlewild?

5. What worries Joyce about the break-ins?

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