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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has Ava determined to do with Eddie?
(a) tell him her HIV status
(b) avoid him
(c) stay friends
(d) marry him

2. To what does Ava tell Eddie no?
(a) becoming engaged
(b) staying the night at his house
(c) going to the movies
(d) seeing him again

3. How has Eddie made his home comfortable for him and Ava to talk?
(a) turning off the phone
(b) candles and soft music
(c) sound proof room
(d) turning off the television

4. What did the letter Joyce received from the state say?
(a) she owed back taxes to the state
(b) the state was taking the house
(c) the state halted funding for the Sewing Circus
(d) the state was awarding her a larger grant

5. Why did black people first start coming to Idlewild?
(a) to build an all black community
(b) because the lake was pretty
(c) it was a haven from the city
(d) to form a militant commune

6. What does Joyce do when Frank and Mattie won't let them in the house?
(a) goes to the sheriff
(b) hits Frank over the head
(c) goes and gets Eddie
(d) breaks into the back door

7. At the meeting, what does Gerry Anderson accuse Ava of doing?
(a) dreaming up the whole incident
(b) having HIV
(c) having an affair with her husband
(d) seducing the boys to her house

8. What does Ava what to avoid the day she meets Eddie again?
(a) Joyce's opinion
(b) Gerry Anderson
(c) the Sewing Circus
(d) sleeping with him

9. What does Joyce do about the boys when she comes home?
(a) recruits their girlfriend for the Sewing Circus
(b) calls their parents
(c) vandalizes their car
(d) files a police report

10. What is one of the things that bothers Ava about marriage and being HIV positive?
(a) using protection with her husband
(b) what others will say about Eddie
(c) Eddie having to nurse her eventually
(d) not having children

11. What does Ava do for Aretha?
(a) gives her money
(b) takes her to the store
(c) gives her a haircut
(d) writes Interlochen

12. What does Eddie propose to do about Frank?
(a) he wants him to leave town
(b) he wants to go after him
(c) he thinks he should get therapy
(d) he thinks he should be in jail

13. What did Eddie suggest to Ava about the boys?
(a) that they were just having fun
(b) that they were basically good kids
(c) that he take care of them once and for all
(d) that she tell their parents

14. How does Joyce feel about Eddie and Ava?
(a) hesitant
(b) depressed
(c) jealous
(d) delighted

15. What does Ava notice about her and Eddie walking?
(a) he takes larger strides than her
(b) she is a faster walker than him
(c) they seem to be in step
(d) he almost jogs

Short Answer Questions

1. What time does Ava wake up the morning after she had sex with Eddie?

2. What do Ava and Eddie think about Frank's behavior towards Imani?

3. What is Ava thinking about as she runs through the woods?

4. What do Ava and Eddie think Frank represents?

5. Why does Ava worry that she has gone from HIV positive to full blown AIDS?

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