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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Ava ask Joyce about Eddie's jail time?
(a) she wanted to know how long
(b) she wanted to know where
(c) she asked how many times he'd been to jail
(d) she wanted to know why

2. What does Ava do with Gerry when she comes over?
(a) slaps her in the face
(b) doesn't invite her inside
(c) serves her iced tea
(d) sits and talks with her

3. What does Joyce encourage Ava to do about Eddie and him going to jail?
(a) talk to him
(b) ask the police
(c) ask his brother
(d) drop it

4. What does Ava promise Aretha if she goes to Interlochen?
(a) a new haircut
(b) new shoes
(c) a new suit
(d) a new car

5. How does Ava see the difference in the condition of homes in the area near the lake from the last time she was there?
(a) they are fully integrated
(b) they are poor and grubby looking
(c) they are about the same
(d) they are much nicer

6. What does Ava involve herself in work that summer?
(a) in Eddie's store
(b) the Sewing Circus
(c) as a teacher
(d) as a hair stylist

7. In what season has Ava arrived in Idlewild?
(a) fall
(b) spring
(c) summer
(d) winter

8. What has Joyce been trying to convince Eddie to do?
(a) attend church
(b) get a dog
(c) open a restaurant
(d) get married

9. What did the area of Idlewild on the lake used to be when Ava was young?
(a) a public beach area
(b) a state park
(c) recreational haven for black people
(d) all white neighborhood

10. What is one of Ava's big objections to Baptist teachings?
(a) not being able to dance
(b) fire and brimstone
(c) not being able to gamble
(d) not being a good person

11. With whom is Ava spending a lot of time in her second month?
(a) Eddie
(b) Donald
(c) Nancy Underwood
(d) Gerry

12. What was Joyce told in July about her Sewing Circus?
(a) it could no longer meet at church
(b) they needed to change their meeting time
(c) they were to include boys in it
(d) they had to meet in a different room

13. Who does Ava talk to about a rash of break-ins that have occurred lately?
(a) Eddie
(b) Joyce
(c) Gerry Anderson
(d) Phyllis

14. What does the new preacher's wife do on Sunday?
(a) Sunday school director
(b) runs the kitchen
(c) does nothing
(d) choir director

15. How does Ava feel about what she sees and hears the first Sunday at Joyce's church?
(a) angry
(b) indifferent
(c) bored
(d) moved

Short Answer Questions

1. What's the first thing Ava notices about Joyce when she greets her?

2. What was the difference in the conversation at Joyce's house as opposed to the church?

3. What does Eddie tell Ava was the crime that put him in jail?

4. Who else was in Ava's dream?

5. How does Ava feel about life in general following church on Sunday?

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