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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Ava think Eddie is so easygoing and graceful?
(a) he is drugged
(b) he has nothing to prove
(c) he is slightly drunk
(d) he is gay

2. What is one of Ava's big objections to Baptist teachings?
(a) not being a good person
(b) fire and brimstone
(c) not being able to dance
(d) not being able to gamble

3. What does Ava prefer over the teachings of the Baptist Church?
(a) Christian Science
(b) Episcopal
(c) Buddhism
(d) atheism

4. How does Joyce feel towards Imani?
(a) irritated
(b) very possessive
(c) very attached
(d) indifferent

5. What has Joyce been trying to convince Eddie to do?
(a) get a dog
(b) open a restaurant
(c) attend church
(d) get married

6. What does Eddie tell Ava was the crime that put him in jail?
(a) he hit someone with his car
(b) he was dealing drugs
(c) he killed two people
(d) he broke into a house

7. Why does Imani whimper?
(a) she doesn't whimper
(b) wants to be picked up
(c) wants to be fed
(d) she's going through withdrawal

8. Where does Joyce's group meet?
(a) the library
(b) the church
(c) the hospital
(d) the YMCA

9. Who else was in Ava's dream?
(a) Eddie
(b) Mitch
(c) Gerry Anderson
(d) Joyce

10. Who doesn't approve of Joyce's group?
(a) her grandmother
(b) Ava
(c) Gerry Anderson
(d) Eddie

11. What does Ava feel is one of Gerry's major character flaws?
(a) too religious
(b) too loud and overbearing
(c) too judgmental
(d) too shy

12. Who walks in the room while Joyce is demonstrating condoms?
(a) Eddie
(b) the minister's wife
(c) Ava
(d) no one

13. Why did Ava ask Joyce about Eddie's jail time?
(a) she wanted to know where
(b) she wanted to know how long
(c) she asked how many times he'd been to jail
(d) she wanted to know why

14. What happened to Joyce on the eve of her wedding?
(a) her groom died
(b) her father disappeared
(c) her mother committed suicide
(d) her sister left the state

15. What does Joyce encourage Ava to do about Eddie and him going to jail?
(a) drop it
(b) ask the police
(c) ask his brother
(d) talk to him

Short Answer Questions

1. In what season has Ava arrived in Idlewild?

2. What does Ava do with Gerry when she comes over?

3. What color are all the rooms in Joyce's house painted?

4. How does Joyce feel about the girls' progress in the last six months?

5. What does the new preacher's wife do on Sunday?

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