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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ava think about the baby's life to come?
(a) she will probably miss some of it
(b) the baby will stay an addict
(c) it won't be a good one
(d) Ava will be in San Fransico

2. How does Ava feel about life in general following church on Sunday?
(a) angry
(b) bored
(c) frightened
(d) peaceful

3. Why does Ava say everyone needs something to lean on?
(a) to have someone to hate
(b) to keep from tumbling
(c) to keep standing up
(d) to be able to hike long distances

4. What happened to Joyce on the eve of her wedding?
(a) her mother committed suicide
(b) her groom died
(c) her sister left the state
(d) her father disappeared

5. What does Ava wonder about as far as romance goes?
(a) she doesn't think about it at all
(b) if someone would want her
(c) if it's possible
(d) if she should do it

6. Why does Joyce want the girls to know about AIDS?
(a) so they won't sin and have sex
(b) to irritate Gerry
(c) to save their lives
(d) to keep their babies healthy

7. How does Ava feel towards Imani?
(a) bored
(b) happy
(c) jealous
(d) annoyed

8. Why does Ava think Eddie is so easygoing and graceful?
(a) he is gay
(b) he is slightly drunk
(c) he is drugged
(d) he has nothing to prove

9. What does the new preacher's wife do on Sunday?
(a) runs the kitchen
(b) choir director
(c) Sunday school director
(d) does nothing

10. What does Ava tell the Sewing Circus?
(a) She is going on a date
(b) She needs some time alone
(c) She is sick
(d) She needs to go to the store

11. What does Ava do with Gerry when she comes over?
(a) doesn't invite her inside
(b) slaps her in the face
(c) sits and talks with her
(d) serves her iced tea

12. What is Eddie's relationship to Joyce?
(a) is a co-worker
(b) was her husband's best friend
(c) is an ex-boyfriend
(d) is her cousin

13. How does Eddie wear his hair?
(a) dyed blond and spiked
(b) short, military style
(c) he's bald
(d) in dreadlocks

14. What is the group that Joyce is a member of called?
(a) the High Road
(b) there is no group name
(c) the Sewing Circus
(d) the Force of Change

15. What kind of encounter does Ava have with two young men after she got her medicine?
(a) they mug her
(b) they grabbed her and started pulling her in the car
(c) they make derogatory comments about her
(d) they spit on her

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Eddie feel while watching the movie?

2. How does Ava feel about what she sees and hears the first Sunday at Joyce's church?

3. Where does Eddie invite Ava for the evening?

4. From whom did Joyce receive a letter in July?

5. How does it work out for the Sewing Circle to meet at Joyce's house?

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