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Short Answer Questions

1. Where has Willie found the money to fund his trip?

2. To what does Cyril compare Willie's accident?

3. Why does Jenny yell and Big Will to "stop it"?

4. According to Willie's dad, how does a pitcher show respect to a powerful hitter?

5. What excuse does Big Will give to explain why he pushes Willie so hard?

Short Essay Questions

1. How has Willie's attitude toward Jenny changed since the summer?

2. What details about the beginning of the novel establish the rest of the story as a flashback?

3. How does Willie describe the change in his relationship with his father?

4. How does Willie discover that Jenny has developed a romantic relationship with Jeff Rhodes?

5. How has the death of Willie's sister affected the Weaver family?

6. What steps does Willie take to make sure that no one will be able to find him?

7. How does Johnny Rivers react to the news that Willie and Jenny are dating?

8. Why does Willie ask the question about Missy while he and his father are practicing in the back yard?

9. What details make Willie's final play of the Crazy Horse Electric game legendary?

10. How has Willie's family changed since his accident?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare and contrast Mrs. Weaver's and Big Will's means of dealing with tragedy. Which seems to be more successful in overcoming adversity? Why is this?

Essay Topic 2

Sammy tells Willie, "you can use your sister--or the baseball game--to beat you down or build you up. But remember: every moment of your life is you. ou say you can never have that moment, or your sister, again. I say you'll always have them. They're part of what makes you Wilie Weaver." (162) Analyze this quotation and effect that it has on Willie's perspective. How does this piece of advice change the way that Willie's views his life and his experiences?

Essay Topic 3

Analyze Willie's relationship with Jack, aka Telephone Man. How does he feel about him, and in what ways does he become a friend to Jack? Be sure to include specific examples and evidence to support your points.

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