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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Cyril Wheat's T-shirt say?

2. How does Willie's father react when he found out that Willie had taken acid?

3. Why do Willie and his father NOT grab the fish that they see in the water hole?

4. Why does Cyril tell Willie that he doesn't "do dreams"?

5. What causes Willie to sink to the floor of the racquetball court and begin sobbing?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Willie agree to play basketball with Jack?

2. Why does Willie go back for Kam instead of leaving him behind in the fire?

3. Why does Willie's father react with anger when Willie returns?

4. How does Willie react to the graffiti left by the Jo Boys?

5. Why does Willie return to Oakland?

6. Why do Willie, Petey, and Jenny go to see Mr. Samson?

7. Why does Big Will suggest to Willie that he savor every moment leading up to the Crazy Horse Electric game?

8. What is special about the basketball game that Willie plays with Hawk and Kato?

9. How does Willie feel about his job as the manager for the girls' basketball team.

10. Why does Johnny Rivers lament the fact that they are juniors?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In many ways, Big Will is a one-dimensional character. His identity is centered around his reputation as a sports hero. Analyze the effect that Willie's accident and disappearance have on Big Will's perception of himself. Why is he unable to recover from the tragedy? Be sure to provide textual support.

Essay Topic 2

Sammy tells Willie, "you can use your sister--or the baseball game--to beat you down or build you up. But remember: every moment of your life is you. ou say you can never have that moment, or your sister, again. I say you'll always have them. They're part of what makes you Wilie Weaver." (162) Analyze this quotation and effect that it has on Willie's perspective. How does this piece of advice change the way that Willie's views his life and his experiences?

Essay Topic 3

How does Willie relationship with sports change throughout the novel? What major events inspire the changes?

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