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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the cause of Lacey's son's brain damage?
(a) He was hurt in an accident when Lacey was driving drunk and crashed the car.
(b) He lost oxygen when he was a baby because Lacey left him locked in a hot car.
(c) He was stuck in the birth canal too long during labor.
(d) Lacey beat him nearly to death.

2. How does Willie pay for his room and board?
(a) He collects money that Lacey's clients bring to the house.
(b) He takes on a job at a fast food restaurant.
(c) He details Lacey's car and cleans and repairs the house.
(d) He cleans the floors at the bus terminal.

3. Why is Hawk convinced that the gang will be back to damage the school?
(a) Andre suggested that this would likely happen.
(b) He overheard them talking about setting fire to the school.
(c) He just has a feeling that he cannot explain.
(d) He knows that Kam was embarrassed and will want revenge.

4. What inspires Lacey to reveal the secret about his son to Willie?
(a) Willie finally asks Lacey about his ex-wife's angry phone calls.
(b) He comes home drunk and sees that his ex-wife has called again.
(c) Willie threatens to leave, so Lacey tries to explain why he wants Willie to stay.
(d) He comes home to find Willie in tears and wants to comfort him.

5. How does Lisa ensure that students who choose to run through the neighborhood actually complete the course?
(a) She asks people in the nieghborhood to initial the kids' notecards to verify that they have been there.
(b) She has another teacher run with them.
(c) Students have to pick up items from different parts of the course and return with those items.
(d) She runs with them herself.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Willie find inside the school that terrifies him?

2. Why is Angel not grateful when Willie comes to her rescue?

3. How are Willie and Lacey able to see Lacey's son?

4. How does the bus driver try to help Willie when he realizes that the Jo Boys are after him?

5. Why do the Jo Boys attack Willie?

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