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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When does Andre begin rebuilding the school?
(a) Two days after the fire.
(b) Five thirty in the morning on the day after the fire.
(c) Three weeks after the fire.
(d) Two weeks after the fire.

2. Why does Andre refuse to let Willie leave the basketball court?
(a) He sees some other kids and wants Willie to introduce himself.
(b) He is afraid that Willie is frustrated and wants him to talk about it.
(c) He wants him to finish the game that they are playing.
(d) He says that he should never leave the court on a miss.

3. Where do the boys at OMLC High School get the tuxedos for their graduation ceremony?
(a) The California Deaprtment of Education provides them.
(b) Andre makes a deal with Henson's Formal Wear.
(c) The school keeps a collection of tuxedos to loan out to students.
(d) Each student rents his own tuxedo, but they must be sure to match.

4. Why does Kam say that the Jo Boys should leave Willie's cane behind after they beat him up?
(a) He does not want to have any evidence to link them to this crime.
(b) It is too big and bulky to carry around.
(c) Baseball is a sissy game.
(d) Willie will probably need to walk.

5. What is the cause of Lacey's son's brain damage?
(a) He lost oxygen when he was a baby because Lacey left him locked in a hot car.
(b) Lacey beat him nearly to death.
(c) He was hurt in an accident when Lacey was driving drunk and crashed the car.
(d) He was stuck in the birth canal too long during labor.

Short Answer Questions

1. For what does Lisa use the one hundred and forty dollars that Willie gets from Lacey?

2. How does Willie get past Kam when the Jo Boys come back to vandalize the school again in Chapter 19?

3. Who keeps calling Lacey's house and getting him upset?

4. Who helps Willie after he is attacked?

5. What is the gang leader doing when Willie approaches?

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