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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Cyril tell Willie that he doesn't "do dreams"?
(a) Cyril has not completed that part of his therapy training yet.
(b) Cyril does not believe that the dreams are important.
(c) Cyril is joking with Willie, trying to make him feel at ease.
(d) Cyril admits that he does not understand dream analysis.

2. How does Cyril Wheat explain Willie's feelings toward Jenny?
(a) Willie probably does not care for Jenny as much as he thinks he does.
(b) Deep down, Willie knows that she does not care for him the same way.
(c) It is just a normal part of Willie adjusting to the changes in his life.
(d) Willie has no right to feel angry with her and he should learn to change.

3. Where do Willie and his father stop during their motorcycle ride?
(a) They stop at the top of the bluff overlooking the valley.
(b) They stop at Johnny Rivers' house.
(c) They stop at their favorite fishing spot on Corbut Creek.
(d) They stop at the baseball field where the team practices.

4. How does Willie feel as he watches Jenny play basketball?
(a) He feels like he is right out on the court with her.
(b) Deep down, he wants her to make a mistake.
(c) He wants her to make a great play and win the game.
(d) He really does not care since he has lost interest in sports.

5. How has Willie changed over the twelve months before the novel begins?
(a) He has learned to appreciate the gifts he has been given.
(b) His voice has become squeaky and his face is full of acne.
(c) He has gotten bigger, stronger, and better.
(d) He has learned that there is more to life than baseball.

Short Answer Questions

1. What accusation does Willie hurl at Jenny at the end of Chapter 9?

2. What does Johnny Rivers do in the bottom of the fifth inning in order to highlight the strength of Willie's pitching?

3. How does Johnny react when he discovers that Marty has given drugs to Willie?

4. What issue does Willie's mom raise about the poor pass?

5. Where does Willie take Jenny when he wants to try to change their relationship?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Willie decide to wait for the bus at the bench even though the gang is there, too.

2. Why does Coach Ivy suggest that Johnny's mouth is "worth a run a game"?

3. What details about the beginning of the novel establish the rest of the story as a flashback?

4. How does Willie react to the graffiti left by the Jo Boys?

5. How does Cyril Wheat make Willie feel comfortable enough to start talking?

6. Why does the umpire not reprimand Sal Whitworth for hitting Johnny Rivers?

7. How does Willie feel about his job as the manager for the girls' basketball team.

8. How does Willie describe the change in his relationship with his father?

9. Why does Willie return to Oakland?

10. How has Willie's relationship with his friends changed since his accident?

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