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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Cyril tell Willie that he doesn't "do dreams"?
(a) Cyril has not completed that part of his therapy training yet.
(b) Cyril is joking with Willie, trying to make him feel at ease.
(c) Cyril admits that he does not understand dream analysis.
(d) Cyril does not believe that the dreams are important.

2. At what point did Willie's mother stop fishing with them?
(a) After the death of Willie's sister.
(b) After Willie was born.
(c) When Willie became a teenager.
(d) When Willie's sister was born.

3. Why does Willie run in the morning before sunrise?
(a) He hopes to run into Jenny while he is out since she runs early, too.
(b) It is safer for him to run when there are fewer cars on the roads.
(c) He does not want anyone to see how difficult and awkward running is for him.
(d) He needs to run early so that he is not late for school.

4. What observation does Jenny make about Willie's parents?
(a) She has noticed that they walk more slowly than they used to.
(b) She notices that they do not look directly at one another anymore.
(c) She says that they really love each other, and she wants her marriage to be like that.
(d) She says that they seem sad even when they are laughing.

5. What causes Willie to sink to the floor of the racquetball court and begin sobbing?
(a) Willie realizes that he has not been trying and that he does not want to get better.
(b) He realizes that someone has been watching, and he considers what it must look like to an outsider.
(c) He realizes that his parents are headed for divorce.
(d) His father throws the racket, and Willie realizes he is a disappointment.

Short Answer Questions

1. Willie's bus ticket will take him to which city?

2. How does Cyril Wheat explain Willie's feelings toward Jenny?

3. What advice has the doctor given Willie about how he can get his body to work right again?

4. What does Cyril Wheat's T-shirt say?

5. Who was the first to find Willie's sister when she died?

Short Essay Questions

1. What evidence at the beginning of Chapter 2 suggests that Willie and his father, Big Will, enjoy taking risks?

2. What evidence suggests that Jenny Blackburn is a match for Willie in both athleticism and competitiveness?

3. Why does Andre not try to stop Angel from being a prostitute?

4. How does Willie discover that Jenny has developed a romantic relationship with Jeff Rhodes?

5. How has Willie's attitude toward Jenny changed since the summer?

6. What explanation does Hawk give to explain why he did not make it to the school on the night of the fire?

7. How does Willie react to the graffiti left by the Jo Boys?

8. Why does Lacey bring Willie to see his son?

9. What suggestion does Cyril Wheat give Willie regarding his dreams?

10. Why does Mr. Walker ask Willie to take over the job as team-manager for the girls' basketball team?

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