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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Willie wait in the bathroom for a while after his shower?
(a) He is waiting for Lacey to leave for work.
(b) He is trying to remember where he is.
(c) He is afraid that Lacey is angry and might hurt him.
(d) He has not decided where he is going and is not yet ready to face Lacey.

2. What is the cause of Lacey's son's brain damage?
(a) He lost oxygen when he was a baby because Lacey left him locked in a hot car.
(b) Lacey beat him nearly to death.
(c) He was stuck in the birth canal too long during labor.
(d) He was hurt in an accident when Lacey was driving drunk and crashed the car.

3. What is Willie's first impression of Andre Porter?
(a) He thinks that he is self-centered and cocky.
(b) He thinks that he is a disorganized slob.
(c) He thinks that he seems weak and insecure.
(d) He thinks that he is educated and athletic looking.

4. What finally ends the game between Willie and Jack?
(a) Jack scores eleven points, and Willie pats him on the back for a good game.
(b) Jack is upset by a comment from the crowd and forgets all about the game.
(c) Willie tells Jack that he cannot do it and walks away.
(d) Lisa intervenes and sends everyone away.

5. How does Willie feel about the game of two-on-two that he plays with Kato and Hawk?
(a) He is nervous and feels uptight and awkward.
(b) He is excited about getting the opportunity to finally show off his abilities.
(c) He is thrilled to be playing a game that he thought he would never play again.
(d) He is self-conscious and cannot wait for the game to be over.

6. What had prevented Hawk from meeting Willie at school as they had planned on the night of the fire?
(a) His watch was broken and he had the time confused.
(b) He was trying to defend his family against his brother, but came as soon as he could.
(c) His mother would not let him leave until she got home from work.
(d) He was picked up by the police for possession of marijuana.

7. Who knocks on the door to the downstairs room when Willie is waiting for Hawk and Kato?
(a) Hawk.
(b) Jack.
(c) Andre.
(d) Kam.

8. How does the bus driver try to help Willie when he realizes that the Jo Boys are after him?
(a) He calls the police on his radio after the Jo Boys get off the bus.
(b) He agrees to let Willie off at a police station rather than a regular stop.
(c) He jams the back door so that they cannot get out right away.
(d) He threatens to hurt the gang members if they do not leave Willie alone.

9. Why is Hawk convinced that the gang will be back to damage the school?
(a) He knows that Kam was embarrassed and will want revenge.
(b) He just has a feeling that he cannot explain.
(c) He overheard them talking about setting fire to the school.
(d) Andre suggested that this would likely happen.

10. What offer does Lacey give to Willie that, according to Lacey, is "the best offer in town"?
(a) He offers to send him to school in Oakland.
(b) He offers him a job working for him.
(c) He offers him money to buy a bus ticket back to Montana.
(d) He offers to get him a job at the bus terminal.

11. Why does Willie go back for Kam when the school is on fire?
(a) He knows that it is the right thing to do because Kam will die if he does not.
(b) He wants to be sure that Kam is punished for his crimes.
(c) Deep down, he knows that Kam is actually a good person.
(d) He sees this as his opportunity to be a hero again.

12. Why does Andre refuse to let Willie leave the basketball court?
(a) He sees some other kids and wants Willie to introduce himself.
(b) He wants him to finish the game that they are playing.
(c) He says that he should never leave the court on a miss.
(d) He is afraid that Willie is frustrated and wants him to talk about it.

13. What is Willie's agreement with Andre regarding P.E. class?
(a) Willie will be excused from P.E. class for the rest of the school year.
(b) Willie can stay out of P.E. for three weeks or until he is ready, whichever comes first.
(c) Willie will take P.E. class as an independent study.
(d) Willie must attend P.E. class, but he does not have to participate.

14. About what is Jack upset when he bursts into Andre's office?
(a) The bathroom on that floor of the school is out of order.
(b) Jack has been sent to the office by a teacher who caught him carving on his desk.
(c) Another student said that Jack's nose was too big.
(d) Jack lost a game of one-on-one basketball in P.E.

15. Why does Sammy not put Willie into a Tai Chi class?
(a) He is afraid that Willie would be embarrassed in front of others.
(b) The classes cost money, and he is helping Willie as a favor.
(c) He does not want to be limited in the disciplines that they use.
(d) He does not think that Tai Chi will help Wille.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is the school's fire alarm essentially useless?

2. With Sammy's help, what does Willie discover about his mind and his body?

3. Why does Lacey call Willie by the name "Chief"?

4. What is Lacey's primary occupation?

5. What is Jack's best memory of attending OMLC High School?

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