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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Willie, how has his loss affected his perspective on life?
(a) He realizes that if he works hard enough, he can be the same Willie that he was before.
(b) He realizes that he should not have been so hard on his parents.
(c) He realizes that the only person's happiness that matters is his own.
(d) His life is more valuable to him now because he of everything he has lost.

2. What is Willie's agreement with Andre regarding P.E. class?
(a) Willie will take P.E. class as an independent study.
(b) Willie will be excused from P.E. class for the rest of the school year.
(c) Willie can stay out of P.E. for three weeks or until he is ready, whichever comes first.
(d) Willie must attend P.E. class, but he does not have to participate.

3. What does Andre suggest Willie should do in order to make friends at OMLC High School?
(a) He should try to get into some pick up basketball games.
(b) He should organize a study group for his next test.
(c) He should invite some of them over to Lacey's for pizza.
(d) He should just start talking to other kids in his classes.

4. Why does Lacey agree to let Willie stay?
(a) Lacey is tired of arguing with Willie and just gives in.
(b) Lacey will not tell him and orders him not to ask about it.
(c) He thinks that Willie might be able to bring in some extra money.
(d) Willie reminds Lacey of himself at that age.

5. Why is Angel not grateful when Willie comes to her rescue?
(a) She wants to know why he did not interfere sooner.
(b) She knows that Lacey will come after both her and Willie when he wakes up.
(c) She does not like Willie and does not want to "owe" him anything.
(d) She is too frightened to realize that he has helped her.

6. How does Willie get past Kam when the Jo Boys come back to vandalize the school again in Chapter 19?
(a) Willie pulls the fire alarm and slips past him while he is distracted.
(b) He hits him twice with his cane, once in the crotch and then on his collarbone.
(c) Kam leaves because the smoke is too overwhelming.
(d) Willie rushes past him in the smoke.

7. What does OMLC stand for?
(a) Only Mean Losers Cave.
(b) One More Last Chance.
(c) They are the initials of the sponsors who provided the money to open the school.
(d) Oakland Metropolitan Learning Center.

8. What finally ends the game between Willie and Jack?
(a) Lisa intervenes and sends everyone away.
(b) Willie tells Jack that he cannot do it and walks away.
(c) Jack scores eleven points, and Willie pats him on the back for a good game.
(d) Jack is upset by a comment from the crowd and forgets all about the game.

9. How will Willie be paying for his tuition to OMLC High School?
(a) Tuition is free for students who are considered homeless.
(b) He will help with janitorial and maintainance work at the school.
(c) He will take out a student loan and pay it back after he has graduated.
(d) Lacey will pay his tuition for as long as Willie continues to work for him.

10. How does Lisa ensure that students who choose to run through the neighborhood actually complete the course?
(a) She has another teacher run with them.
(b) She asks people in the nieghborhood to initial the kids' notecards to verify that they have been there.
(c) She runs with them herself.
(d) Students have to pick up items from different parts of the course and return with those items.

11. According to Angel, how do girls learn to be prostitutes?
(a) They grow up thinking that sex is the only way they can get anything.
(b) They grow up without anyone to care about them.
(c) They feel like they have no other skills.
(d) They become prostitutes when they realize they have no other options.

12. Why do the Jo Boys attack Willie?
(a) He looks like someone who owes them money.
(b) Willie tries to hide some of his money when they rob him.
(c) They think that Willie has called the police.
(d) They enjoy hurting other people, especially those who are weak.

13. Who helps Willie after he is attacked?
(a) A boy who had been watching from the alley.
(b) The bus driver.
(c) A police officer.
(d) A homeless man.

14. What do Willie and the others at OMLC do on weekends during the first two months of school?
(a) They paint the school building.
(b) They rebuild the neighborhood playground.
(c) They play basketball in the park.
(d) They repair the windows in the school.

15. Why does Kam say that the Jo Boys should leave Willie's cane behind after they beat him up?
(a) Baseball is a sissy game.
(b) Willie will probably need to walk.
(c) He does not want to have any evidence to link them to this crime.
(d) It is too big and bulky to carry around.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Jack's best memory of attending OMLC High School?

2. What advice does Willie give in the article about street gangs.

3. Why does Sammy not put Willie into a Tai Chi class?

4. Why does Lacey call Willie by the name "Chief"?

5. What does Willie like about Kato?

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