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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Willie pay for his room and board?
(a) He takes on a job at a fast food restaurant.
(b) He cleans the floors at the bus terminal.
(c) He collects money that Lacey's clients bring to the house.
(d) He details Lacey's car and cleans and repairs the house.

2. Why does Willie not paint over the graffiti a second time?
(a) He knows that he should not tamper with evidence.
(b) He thinks it is pointless to paint over it if they are just going to come in again.
(c) He leaves it for others to see so that they will get angry and want revenge.
(d) He is afraid to hang around inside the building by himself.

3. What kind of basketball player is Lisa?
(a) She is aggressive and pushes her way past the other players.
(b) She always seems to know exactly where the ball will be and she makes smart moves.
(c) She has raw talent, but seems to lack discipline.
(d) She takes risks with her plays that sometimes pay off.

4. How does Lisa ensure that students who choose to run through the neighborhood actually complete the course?
(a) She runs with them herself.
(b) Students have to pick up items from different parts of the course and return with those items.
(c) She has another teacher run with them.
(d) She asks people in the nieghborhood to initial the kids' notecards to verify that they have been there.

5. Why does Willie agree to play basketball with Jack?
(a) He likes Jack and does not want to disappoint him.
(b) Jack will not take no for an answer, and the hoop is far enough away that no one will notice.
(c) Lisa offers to give him extra credit for playing.
(d) He has been quietly wishing to get back on the court.

6. For what does Lisa use the one hundred and forty dollars that Willie gets from Lacey?
(a) To pay for a membership at Nautilus of Alameda.
(b) To pay for swim classes at the YMCA.
(c) To pay for professional physical therapy.
(d) To buy an exercise machine for Willie's legs.

7. Why does Willie finally come out of the downstairs room after he has been waiting for Hawk and Kato to arrive?
(a) The fire has gotten serious, and he is afraid he will be trapped.
(b) He thinks he hears Hawk and Kato, so he comes out to join them.
(c) He believes that he is strong enough to face Kam.
(d) He hears the gang destroying the school and gives in to his anger.

8. About what is Jack upset when he bursts into Andre's office?
(a) Another student said that Jack's nose was too big.
(b) Jack has been sent to the office by a teacher who caught him carving on his desk.
(c) Jack lost a game of one-on-one basketball in P.E.
(d) The bathroom on that floor of the school is out of order.

9. Why do the Jo Boys attack Willie?
(a) Willie tries to hide some of his money when they rob him.
(b) They enjoy hurting other people, especially those who are weak.
(c) They think that Willie has called the police.
(d) He looks like someone who owes them money.

10. What finally ends the game between Willie and Jack?
(a) Jack is upset by a comment from the crowd and forgets all about the game.
(b) Willie tells Jack that he cannot do it and walks away.
(c) Jack scores eleven points, and Willie pats him on the back for a good game.
(d) Lisa intervenes and sends everyone away.

11. What is Willie doing as he waits for Hawk and Kato to arrive?
(a) He is reading a novel that Lisa recommended.
(b) He is trying to finish his math homework.
(c) He is trying to write a letter home to his mom and dad.
(d) He is painting over the latest bit of graffiti.

12. Why does Sammy not put Willie into a Tai Chi class?
(a) The classes cost money, and he is helping Willie as a favor.
(b) He does not think that Tai Chi will help Wille.
(c) He is afraid that Willie would be embarrassed in front of others.
(d) He does not want to be limited in the disciplines that they use.

13. Why does Willie refuse to leave Lacey's house even after Andre offers to let him sleep at the school?
(a) He does not like the idea of sleeping at school.
(b) He wants to learn Lacey's business so that he can help him later on.
(c) He feels like he needs to protect Lacey from himself.
(d) He feels that Lacey likes him and that leaving would be a betrayal.

14. How does Willie feel about the game of two-on-two that he plays with Kato and Hawk?
(a) He is nervous and feels uptight and awkward.
(b) He is excited about getting the opportunity to finally show off his abilities.
(c) He is self-conscious and cannot wait for the game to be over.
(d) He is thrilled to be playing a game that he thought he would never play again.

15. Why does Andre refuse to let Willie leave the basketball court?
(a) He says that he should never leave the court on a miss.
(b) He wants him to finish the game that they are playing.
(c) He is afraid that Willie is frustrated and wants him to talk about it.
(d) He sees some other kids and wants Willie to introduce himself.

Short Answer Questions

1. In which city is Willie's bus delayed?

2. Why is Angel not grateful when Willie comes to her rescue?

3. What inspires Lacey to reveal the secret about his son to Willie?

4. Why does Willie go back for Kam when the school is on fire?

5. What does Willie like about Kato?

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