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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Willie think would improve his parents' relationship?
(a) Willie thinks they would be able to mend their lives if he were not around.
(b) Willie thinks they should just sit down and talk about their problems.
(c) Willie thinks his parents should go to couple's counseling.
(d) Willie thinks they should take a trip, just the two of them.

2. Why does Willie have trouble asking Jenny to be his girlfriend?
(a) Willie is worried about ruining his long friendship with Jenny.
(b) Willie is nervous around Jenny and does not know how to talk to her.
(c) Willie is not sure if he would really like to date her.
(d) Willie's friends are always around, so he cannot speak to her in private.

3. What kind of program brings Cyril Wheat to Coho, Montana?
(a) He is a psychology students from a local college that provides free therapy.
(b) The state of Montana sends him one day per week to five different small towns to provide mental health services.
(c) The local Lutheran church sponsors him so that he can provide therapy for teens in trouble.
(d) The Salvation Army pays for him to provide therapy to impoverished teenagers.

4. How does Big Will react when he regains control of himself and realizes that he has pushed Willie too far?
(a) He tries to rationalize his behavior by telling Willie that it was for the best.
(b) He apologizes and promises not to push him so hard next time.
(c) He is embarrassed and tries to get Willie off the court before anyone sees him.
(d) He speaks calmly, but sternly to Willie and tells him to stop acting like a girl.

5. How does Petey punish Johnny for telling jokes with bad puns?
(a) He dumps a bucket of baseballs on his head.
(b) He throws dirt at him from the infield.
(c) He hoses him with cold water.
(d) He has everyone sit and refuse to play until Johnny stops.

6. What observation does Jenny make about Willie's parents?
(a) She says that they seem sad even when they are laughing.
(b) She notices that they do not look directly at one another anymore.
(c) She says that they really love each other, and she wants her marriage to be like that.
(d) She has noticed that they walk more slowly than they used to.

7. Why does Willie not want Jenny Blackburn to call him a baseball hero?
(a) He is embarrassed about the way that the last game turned out.
(b) He wants her to call him "boyfriend" instead.
(c) He is being modest and does not want to call attention to himself.
(d) It is football season now, not baseball season.

8. Why does Big Will throw his racket and break it?
(a) He is angry with himself for pushing Willie too hard.
(b) He hits a bad shot and is frustrated with himself.
(c) He overhears someone make a negative comment about Willie.
(d) He is frustrated because he feels like Willie is not putting forth any effort.

9. Where has Jenny Blackburn been for the two weeks before school begins?
(a) She and her family were on vacation, visiting her aunt.
(b) She and her family were at the beach.
(c) She was at home, but did not feel like talking to anyone.
(d) She was at camp, working as a counselor.

10. When Cyril asks Willie to share, at what part of the story does he want him to begin?
(a) At the middle and then work both ways.
(b) Anywhere he would like to begin.
(c) At the beginning, of course.
(d) At the end, and then work backward.

11. What keeps Willie from acting like a cocky kid?
(a) Wilie's father would not allow it.
(b) Willie does not realize how good he is.
(c) Willie's mother has taught him to be gracious and grateful.
(d) Willie's teammates are just as talented as he is.

12. What causes Sal Whitworth to make mistakes?
(a) His insecurity about his weight.
(b) His inflated ego.
(c) His hot temper.
(d) His poor eyesight.

13. Why does Mr. Walker ask Willie to be the team-manager for girls' basketball?
(a) He thinks that being around athletics will make Willie feel better.
(b) He has heard that Willie is interested in the job.
(c) Willie's father has asked Mr. Walker to offer the job to Willie.
(d) He knows that Willie has an extensive knowledge of basketball.

14. Why is Willie on his way to see Coach Williams when he runs into Jenny and Jeff Rhodes?
(a) He left his jacket on the bench after the last game.
(b) He has decided to quit being the manager for the girls' basketball team.
(c) Coach Williams has asked to see him.
(d) He wants to see if he can get some private basketball lessons.

15. Why does Johnny laugh when Willie threatens to give him a nosebleed?
(a) He thinks that the thought of Willie hitting someone is funny.
(b) He does not belive that Willie is fast enough to catch him.
(c) Johnny has been slapped around by Sal Whitworth, so he is not scared of a nosebleed.
(d) He is pleased that he has upset Willie.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which characters accompany Willie when he goes to speak to Mr. Samson?

2. How does Willie retaliate after Sal Whitworth hits Johnny?

3. What advice does Cyril give Willie to help him deal with the dreams that he has been having?

4. Why does Willie agree to try racquetball even though he feels like he might be setting himself up for another failure?

5. What detail about their baseball caps do Willie and his friends want Mr. Samson to change?

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