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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Willie think would improve his parents' relationship?
(a) Willie thinks they would be able to mend their lives if he were not around.
(b) Willie thinks his parents should go to couple's counseling.
(c) Willie thinks they should take a trip, just the two of them.
(d) Willie thinks they should just sit down and talk about their problems.

2. Why do the other kids at Johnny's party not drink the beer that Marty and his friends bring?
(a) They are athletes in training, and they know that they would get into trouble if they were caught.
(b) They do not want to be associated with Marty, so they drink their own beer.
(c) Some of the kids are recovering alcoholics, and no one wants to tempt them.
(d) They have all signed a promise to their parents that they will not drink alcohol.

3. Where do Willie and his father stop during their motorcycle ride?
(a) They stop at the baseball field where the team practices.
(b) They stop at the top of the bluff overlooking the valley.
(c) They stop at their favorite fishing spot on Corbut Creek.
(d) They stop at Johnny Rivers' house.

4. How does the crowd react to the end of the Crazy Horse Electric game?
(a) They politely applaud both teams' efforts.
(b) Some fans cheer, but others groan.
(c) They immediately jump to their feet and cheer.
(d) At first they are stunned into silence, but then they erupt into cheers.

5. Why does Jenny jump into the water after Willie's accident?
(a) Big Will calls for her help because he does know CPR.
(b) She sees that Big Will is in shock and does not know what to do to save Willie.
(c) She is the closest to Willie and goes in right away to save him.
(d) She panics and rushes in to get to Willie.

6. Why does Willie continue to carry his cane with him?
(a) It is important to him because his friends had it made special for him.
(b) He carries it because it makes him feel stronger.
(c) It has become an accessory that he brings with him out of habit.
(d) He still needs it sometimes when he has been on his feet for a while.

7. How does the relationship between Jenny and Willie change from a friendship to a romantic relationship?
(a) Willie kisses Jenny without thinking, and then they both realize that they belong together.
(b) Jenny asks Willie if he would like to "go" with her.
(c) Neither of them says anything; they both just understand that their relationship is different.
(d) Willie finally gets up the nerve to ask Jenny to be his girlfriend.

8. Which characters accompany Willie when he goes to speak to Mr. Samson?
(a) Petey Shropshire and Jenny Blackburn.
(b) Johnny Rivers and Max Craig.
(c) Jenny Blackburn and Coach Ivy.
(d) Eddie Single and Petey Shropshire.

9. What excuse does Big Will give to explain why he pushes Willie so hard?
(a) He believes that, deep down, Willie appreciates being pushed so hard.
(b) He believes that if Willie works hard, he can be a sports hero again.
(c) He does not want to be embarrassed of Willie every time they go out in public.
(d) He is afraid that if he does not push Willie, he will just hide out.

10. What causes Sal Whitworth to make mistakes?
(a) His hot temper.
(b) His poor eyesight.
(c) His inflated ego.
(d) His insecurity about his weight.

11. Why does Mrs. Weaver blame Big Will for the family's problems?
(a) She criticizes him for working too much and not being around.
(b) She is angry because he has started to drink too much.
(c) She blames him for Willie's accident, which is the cause of all of their problems.
(d) She says that he does not talk to anyone, and he does nothing to help the family out.

12. How does Willie feel about his job as manager for the girls' basketball team?
(a) He feels invisible, as if it would not matter whether he were there.
(b) He feels like everyone is staring at him when he gets up to pass out water ot towels.
(c) It gives him some hope that one day he might be able to play again.
(d) He feels some normalcy being on the basketball court and close to athletics.

13. Why does Willie take it easy in practice?
(a) He needs to save him arm, and the team needs to practice hitting.
(b) Everyone else on the team is goofing around, so he decides to do the same.
(c) He is thinking about his sister and cannot concentrate.
(d) He is not feeling very well and is afraid to push himself too hard.

14. Why does Jenny yell and Big Will to "stop it"?
(a) He is trying to grab for Willie while she is performing CPR.
(b) She wants him to catch the boat, which is slowly idling away from them.
(c) He is sobbing uncontrollably.
(d) He is banging his head against the side of the boat.

15. When was Willie's first motorcycle ride with his father?
(a) After Willie's first baseball game.
(b) This is his first ride with his father.
(c) When Willie was just a baby.
(d) Just after the death of Willie's sister.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who joins Willie's family on the trip to the lake?

2. How does the umpire respond after Sal Whitworth hits Johnny?

3. How does Willie's father react when he found out that Willie had taken acid?

4. How does Petey Shropshire manage to get on base as often as he does?

5. What is special about this trip to Salmon Lake?

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