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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Big Will react when he regains control of himself and realizes that he has pushed Willie too far?
(a) He is embarrassed and tries to get Willie off the court before anyone sees him.
(b) He tries to rationalize his behavior by telling Willie that it was for the best.
(c) He apologizes and promises not to push him so hard next time.
(d) He speaks calmly, but sternly to Willie and tells him to stop acting like a girl.

2. Ever since his accident, how does Willie feel when people smile at him?
(a) It makes him laugh since he knows they are only smiling because they are uncomfortable.
(b) It makes him sad, but he tries to hold back the tears.
(c) He appreciates their efforts to comfort and understand him.
(d) It makes him angry because he feels like they are showing him pity.

3. How does Johnny Rivers convince the English teacher to let him tell his joke?
(a) He tells her that he has been thinking of writing a book and wants help with his idea.
(b) He does not ask; he just begins to tell the story.
(c) The class is talking about verbal irony, so Johnny's story fits right in.
(d) He tells her that it is really funny.

4. What promise does Cyril make to Willie at the end of Chapter 7?
(a) That he would not let the school put Willie in Special Ed.
(b) That they would keep meeting until Willie has everything worked out.
(c) That Willie's bad dreams would evetually stop.
(d) That he would not tell anyone about their conversation.

5. How does Willie feel when he rides with his father on the motorcycle?
(a) Willie feels resentment that his father will not allow him to ride alone.
(b) Willie is sad that his father seems to take such needless risks.
(c) Willie is embarrassed that one of his friends may see him on the back of the bike.
(d) Willie feels extremely close to his father, but cannot express this.

6. Why does Willie wish he had known how to perform CPR when he was twelve?
(a) He could have been a lifeguard at the pool.
(b) He would be much more confident about performing the procedure if he had those years of practice.
(c) Maybe he would not be afraid of the water.
(d) He could have saved his sister.

7. What does Willie plan to tell the therapist (Cyril Wheat) as he is waiting in the office?
(a) He plans to explain why he took the pill and ask for help.
(b) He plans to ask him if he can bring his parents to the next session.
(c) Willie plans to tell him that everything is OK now and he does not need help.
(d) He plans to keep quiet and not utter a word.

8. Where has Jenny Blackburn been for the two weeks before school begins?
(a) She and her family were on vacation, visiting her aunt.
(b) She was at camp, working as a counselor.
(c) She was at home, but did not feel like talking to anyone.
(d) She and her family were at the beach.

9. What does Willie think would improve his parents' relationship?
(a) Willie thinks they should just sit down and talk about their problems.
(b) Willie thinks they should take a trip, just the two of them.
(c) Willie thinks his parents should go to couple's counseling.
(d) Willie thinks they would be able to mend their lives if he were not around.

10. Why do Willie and his father NOT grab the fish that they see in the water hole?
(a) They do not have fishing poles, and Mr. Weaver believes in a fair fight.
(b) Neither of them likes the taste of fish.
(c) They have no way to carry the fish back home with them.
(d) They know that Mrs. Weaver would not approve.

11. Why does Jenny jump into the water after Willie's accident?
(a) She sees that Big Will is in shock and does not know what to do to save Willie.
(b) Big Will calls for her help because he does know CPR.
(c) She is the closest to Willie and goes in right away to save him.
(d) She panics and rushes in to get to Willie.

12. Why does Petey Shropshire stay close to the adults in the school?
(a) He has found that if he helps the teachers out, they give him better grades.
(b) He struggles in school and needs extra help from all of his teachers.
(c) He does not get along with others his own age and prefers the company of adults.
(d) He is a victim of bullies and stays close to adults for protection.

13. What evidence does Jenny give to her aunt to prove that the woman on the religious channel is not really crying?
(a) She says that even though the woman is sobbing, she is not producing tears.
(b) The woman's makeup remains perfect.
(c) The woman goes from a sobbing to singing without pausing.
(d) She says, "when people cry for real, there's snot," but the woman does not produce snot when she cries.

14. How long has Mr. Samson's rose logo been on his shop's sign?
(a) Over Fifty years.
(b) Thirty-four years.
(c) Fourty-two years.
(d) Twenty-eight years.

15. Why does Willie continue to carry his cane with him?
(a) It is important to him because his friends had it made special for him.
(b) It has become an accessory that he brings with him out of habit.
(c) He carries it because it makes him feel stronger.
(d) He still needs it sometimes when he has been on his feet for a while.

Short Answer Questions

1. What nickname does Johnny Rivers use to refer to Willie?

2. Why is Willie on his way to see Coach Williams when he runs into Jenny and Jeff Rhodes?

3. Who joins Willie's family on the trip to the lake?

4. Why is Willie so devastated by his parents' fight?

5. How has Willie changed over the twelve months before the novel begins?

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