The Crazy Horse Electric Game Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What details about the beginning of the novel establish the rest of the story as a flashback?

The story is clearly a flashback because the first paragraph of the novel states that "he remembers it as if it were unfolding in front of him this very minute." The text continues with the statement, "it's two summers ago," and establishes Willie Weaver as a sixteen-year-old at that point. Hence, the novel is written as an eighteen-year-old's reflection on the significant details that occurred between the time the ages of sixteen and eighteen.

2. Why do Willie, Petey, and Jenny go to see Mr. Samson?

Mr. Samson's floral shop sponsors Willie and Petey's American Legion baseball team, and they want Mr. Samson to change the logo on their ball caps. They are embarrassed about the rose in the logo and want something a little less feminine. Jenny accompanies them to provide moral support, and possibly because she is curious about Mr. Samson's reaction.

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