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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 17.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Willie linger in the locker room after Jenny's basketball game?
(a) The girls' celebration after the game left a huge mess in the locker room.
(b) He is waiting for the crowd to leave so that no one will see him leave.
(c) He is stalling because he does not want to have to go out and congratulate Jenny.
(d) Being in the locker room makes Willie feel close to a sport that he loves.

2. Where does Willie take Jenny when he wants to try to change their relationship?
(a) To a bluff overlooking the river.
(b) To the bleachers at the football field.
(c) To the baseball field.
(d) To his fishing hole.

3. Why does Marty offer Willie the pill?
(a) He does not like Willie and is trying to get him into trouble.
(b) He says it will make him feel better; he should save it for when he really feels bad.
(c) He is hoping that Willie will like it, and he can gain a new customer.
(d) He has always admired Willie and is trying to be his friend.

4. How does Johnny react when he discovers that Marty has given drugs to Willie?
(a) He begins to panic and starts shaking Willie.
(b) He yells at Jenny for not staying with Willie.
(c) He grabs Marty and beats him until he is bleeding.
(d) He runs for the phone to call for an ambulance.

5. Why is Willie so devastated by his parents' fight?
(a) His parents often fight, but never about him.
(b) He is hurt by the things that they have said about him.
(c) He realizes now that his mother was responsible for his sister's death.
(d) He has never heard his parents fight, especially this fiercely.

Short Answer Questions

1. What caused the death of Willie's sister?

2. Why does Willie continue to carry his cane with him?

3. How long has Mr. Samson's rose logo been on his shop's sign?

4. Why does Willie not want Jenny Blackburn to call him a baseball hero?

5. What question does Willie ask his father when they are practicing in the back yard?

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