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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What nickname does Johnny Rivers use to refer to Willie?
(a) Dream Weaver.
(b) Wicked Weaver.
(c) Wonderful Willie.
(d) Whistlin' Willie.

2. How does Johnny Rivers feel about being a junior?
(a) He hates it because he knows it means a lot more homework and responsibility.
(b) He is neutral since the benefits and the challenges seem to be equal.
(c) He is excited about being an upperclassman.
(d) He hates it and says it is like being in limbo.

3. Why does Willie run in the morning before sunrise?
(a) He needs to run early so that he is not late for school.
(b) He does not want anyone to see how difficult and awkward running is for him.
(c) It is safer for him to run when there are fewer cars on the roads.
(d) He hopes to run into Jenny while he is out since she runs early, too.

4. What does Willie take with him when he leaves school?
(a) His tape recorder.
(b) His books.
(c) A towel from the locker room.
(d) His cane.

5. Why does Willie have trouble asking Jenny to be his girlfriend?
(a) Willie is worried about ruining his long friendship with Jenny.
(b) Willie's friends are always around, so he cannot speak to her in private.
(c) Willie is not sure if he would really like to date her.
(d) Willie is nervous around Jenny and does not know how to talk to her.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do Willie and his father wear helmets when they ride the motorcycle?

2. What does Willie think would improve his parents' relationship?

3. What keeps Willie from acting like a cocky kid?

4. How does Willie feel when he rides with his father on the motorcycle?

5. What does Willie leave behind in the snow when he leaves school?

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