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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What observation does Jenny make about Willie's parents?
(a) She says that they really love each other, and she wants her marriage to be like that.
(b) She notices that they do not look directly at one another anymore.
(c) She has noticed that they walk more slowly than they used to.
(d) She says that they seem sad even when they are laughing.

2. How does Sal Whitworth try to distract Willie while he is pitching?
(a) Sal points his bat at Willie and promises to hit him with a line drive.
(b) Sal steps out of the batter's box when Willie is ready to throw a pitch.
(c) Sal yells threats to Willie about how far the next pitch will fly.
(d) Sal blows huge bubbles and pops his gum loudly.

3. What question does Willie ask his father when they are practicing in the back yard?
(a) Willie wants to know how to get past Sal Whitworth.
(b) Willie wants to know if his sister was a planned baby or an accident.
(c) Willie wants to know if his father will be proud of him even if they lose the game.
(d) Willie wants to know if he can drive the motorcycle sometime soon.

4. How does Willie retaliate after Sal Whitworth hits Johnny?
(a) He refuses to pitch to Sal.
(b) He aims a high fastball right at Sal's head.
(c) He charges off the mound and tackles Sal to the ground.
(d) He drives a hard fastball into Sal's toe.

5. Why does Marty offer Willie the pill?
(a) He does not like Willie and is trying to get him into trouble.
(b) He says it will make him feel better; he should save it for when he really feels bad.
(c) He has always admired Willie and is trying to be his friend.
(d) He is hoping that Willie will like it, and he can gain a new customer.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do Willie and his father NOT grab the fish that they see in the water hole?

2. How does Johnny Rivers feel about being a junior?

3. How does Jenny make amends for upsetting her aunt?

4. In what way has Willie's accident affected the way that he views Marty?

5. What keeps Willie from acting like a cocky kid?

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