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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When was Willie's first motorcycle ride with his father?
(a) When Willie was just a baby.
(b) Just after the death of Willie's sister.
(c) After Willie's first baseball game.
(d) This is his first ride with his father.

2. Why does Willie not want Jenny Blackburn to call him a baseball hero?
(a) He wants her to call him "boyfriend" instead.
(b) He is being modest and does not want to call attention to himself.
(c) He is embarrassed about the way that the last game turned out.
(d) It is football season now, not baseball season.

3. In what way has Willie's accident affected the way that he views Marty?
(a) Willie never payed any attention to Marty before and did not know anything about him.
(b) He used to think that Marty was a loser, but now he admires his confidence.
(c) Willie has always been curious about Marty, but now he does not care.
(d) Willie used to think that Marty was cool, but now he sees that he is a loser.

4. Why does Willie feel safe on the motorcycle with his father?
(a) Willie believes that his father is immortal.
(b) Willie and his father are wearing helmets.
(c) Willie's father has never had an accident before.
(d) Willie knows that his father is a cautious driver.

5. How does the umpire respond after Sal Whitworth hits Johnny?
(a) He gives Sal a warning and threatens to throw him out.
(b) He calls both coaches over and asks them to control their players.
(c) He throws Sal out of the game for unsportsmanlike conduct.
(d) He tells Johnny that he deserved it, and he had better be quiet now.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was the first to find Willie's sister when she died?

2. What is special about this trip to Salmon Lake?

3. What evidence does Jenny give to her aunt to prove that the woman on the religious channel is not really crying?

4. What causes Willie's accident?

5. What does Johnny say that finally causes Sal Whitworth to lose his composure?

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