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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Willie's first mistake of the Crazy Horse Electric game?
(a) He throws a pitch in the dirt.
(b) He walks Sal Whitworth.
(c) He hits a batter, which puts a runner on base.
(d) He throws a wild pitch, and a runner advances from first to second base.

2. How does Sal Whitworth try to distract Willie while he is pitching?
(a) Sal steps out of the batter's box when Willie is ready to throw a pitch.
(b) Sal blows huge bubbles and pops his gum loudly.
(c) Sal yells threats to Willie about how far the next pitch will fly.
(d) Sal points his bat at Willie and promises to hit him with a line drive.

3. Why do the teachers at school want to put Willie in the Special Ed classes?
(a) They are tired of having to help him so much in the regular classes.
(b) They have tested his IQ and discovered that he is not as smart as he was before the accident.
(c) They think that something is wrong with his brain because he speaks so slowly.
(d) They want to protect him from the teasing that he is experiencing in the other classes.

4. How does the crowd react to the end of the Crazy Horse Electric game?
(a) At first they are stunned into silence, but then they erupt into cheers.
(b) Some fans cheer, but others groan.
(c) They immediately jump to their feet and cheer.
(d) They politely applaud both teams' efforts.

5. What kind of program brings Cyril Wheat to Coho, Montana?
(a) He is a psychology students from a local college that provides free therapy.
(b) The local Lutheran church sponsors him so that he can provide therapy for teens in trouble.
(c) The state of Montana sends him one day per week to five different small towns to provide mental health services.
(d) The Salvation Army pays for him to provide therapy to impoverished teenagers.

Short Answer Questions

1. Willie's bus ticket will take him to which city?

2. What does Willie plan to tell the therapist (Cyril Wheat) as he is waiting in the office?

3. What observation does Jenny make about Willie's parents?

4. Where has Willie found the money to fund his trip?

5. What does Johnny Rivers do in the bottom of the fifth inning in order to highlight the strength of Willie's pitching?

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