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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 16.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What phrase does Willie say is written across the faces of the homeless people in the bus terminal?
(a) "Hopeless."
(b) "Abandon Hope."
(c) "Lost Cause."
(d) "Go Away."

2. What is the cause of Lacey's son's brain damage?
(a) He was hurt in an accident when Lacey was driving drunk and crashed the car.
(b) He lost oxygen when he was a baby because Lacey left him locked in a hot car.
(c) Lacey beat him nearly to death.
(d) He was stuck in the birth canal too long during labor.

3. What does Willie like about Kato?
(a) Kato is serious about school and improving his life.
(b) He seems genuinely interested in Willie as a person.
(c) Kato defends him against the kids' teasing.
(d) His sense of humor reminds Willie of Johnny Rivers.

4. Why does Marty offer Willie the pill?
(a) He has always admired Willie and is trying to be his friend.
(b) He says it will make him feel better; he should save it for when he really feels bad.
(c) He is hoping that Willie will like it, and he can gain a new customer.
(d) He does not like Willie and is trying to get him into trouble.

5. What causes Willie to experience the odd dream about Promontory Point and the Crazy Horse Electric game?
(a) His mind is wandering as he overhears a group of friends talking about the game.
(b) He falls alseep on the sofa while he waits for Jenny to return.
(c) He has taken acid and is having a "bad trip."
(d) He is watching a Pink Floyd video on TV and his imagination takes over.

Short Answer Questions

1. In which city is Willie's bus delayed?

2. Why does Mr. Walker ask Willie to be the team-manager for girls' basketball?

3. Why does Kam say that the Jo Boys should leave Willie's cane behind after they beat him up?

4. Why do the other kids at Johnny's party not drink the beer that Marty and his friends bring?

5. Ever since his accident, how does Willie feel when people smile at him?

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