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Essay Topic 1

How does Willie's perspective on taking risks develop throughout the novel? What experiences change the way he feels about taking risks?

Essay Topic 2

Describe the ways in which Big Will's interest in his son are narcissistic. In what ways does he rely on his son's accomplishments for his own self-worth? How does this perspective affect his relationship with his son? How does Willie's accident, and later disappearance, affect Big Will's sense of self?

Essay Topic 3

Some of the adults in Willie's life are supportive and nurturing, while others are interfere with his development. Analyze the roles that different adults play in Willie's life, and explain how each of these adults plays a part in his development and his healing.

Essay Topic 4

Compare and contrast Mrs. Weaver's and Big Will's means of dealing with tragedy. Which seems to be more successful in overcoming adversity? Why is this...

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