The Crazy Horse Electric Game Character Descriptions

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Angel - This character is a classmate at OMLC High who also works for one of the main characters as a prostitute.

Big Will - See William Weaver Sr.

Jenny Blackburn - This character is the main character's girlfriend and best friend, but their bond is broken after his accident.

Lacey Casteel - This character is a bus driver and part-time pimp who cares for the main character after he comes to Oakland.

Warren Hawkins - This student is one of the toughest kids at OMLC high school and helps fight against the street gang that tries to ruin the school.

Kato - This is a student at OMLC high school whose sense of humor reminds the main character of an old friend back in Montana and acts as a bridge between the past and present.

Lisa - This character is the physical education teacher at...

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