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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How much money does Hector give to Julio on the sly?
(a) $10.
(b) $20.
(c) $50.
(d) $5.

2. What does Huey tell Freddie about hurting the boys?
(a) It will be a pleasure.
(b) He can't do that.
(c) He needs some time to think about it.
(d) He is anxious to get it over with.

3. What do Hector and Mando position at the stairwell?
(a) Three jugs of fabric softener.
(b) Open cans of motor oil.
(c) Pots of boiling spaghetti.
(d) An aquarium full of marbles and water.

4. What does Hector do when he hears Freddie's voice on the answering machine?
(a) Hides in the bathroom.
(b) Punches the machine and tells Freddie to come get them.
(c) Turns off all the lights in the apartment.
(d) Calls the police.

5. What is Vicky's last name?
(a) Moreno.
(b) Estefan.
(c) Morales.
(d) Rodriguez.

6. What does Hector break in Julio's apartment?
(a) Some water goblets.
(b) A mirror.
(c) The phone and answering machine.
(d) A toaster.

7. What does Hector squirt through the peephole of the door and into Freddie's eye?
(a) Salad dressing.
(b) Ketchup.
(c) Ink.
(d) Laundry detergent.

8. What does Julio ask the boys when he learns that the robbers have located them?
(a) How the robbers found them.
(b) If they want to go home now.
(c) If the robbers have any weapons.
(d) If they will call the police.

9. Who does Freddie blame for his predicament?
(a) Mando.
(b) Huey.
(c) Julio.
(d) Hector.

10. What happens to Julio's car on the way to dinner?
(a) The exhaust pipe falls off.
(b) The right rear tire blows.
(c) The front bumper falls off.
(d) The back window falls out.

11. Why is Julio going to Vicky's house after he drops off the boys?
(a) To fix her leaky faucet.
(b) To be interviewed for an article.
(c) To have a glass of wine.
(d) To listen to music.

12. Why are Hector and Mando in big trouble if the robbers come after them?
(a) They can't call the police because the phone is broken.
(b) They can't escape the upstairs apartment.
(c) They don't have any weapons to use against them.
(d) They will be outnumbered.

13. Why does Julio want to delay the event in #117?
(a) He is not hungry yet.
(b) He does not want to ruin his evening with Vicky.
(c) His back is feeling fine now.
(d) There is plenty of time to make the bus.

14. Why do Hector and Mando come to Dr. Femur's office?
(a) To play cards.
(b) To have dinner.
(c) To watch the baseball game on TV.
(d) To have a chiropractic adjustment.

15. Hector and Mando see two cute girls doing what at the mall?
(a) Eating cotton candy.
(b) Sipping lattes.
(c) Buying shoes.
(d) Flirting with them.

Short Answer Questions

1. Hector and Mando bolt themselves in a room with a dresser and _________________ blocking the door.

2. What time is Julio having dinner with Vicky?

3. Hector says there are laws against _______________.

4. What are Freddie and Huey doing outside when Hector and Mando see them?

5. Hector says the robbers will not come to get __________________.

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