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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 17.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The other robber is named _________________.
(a) Harry Winston.
(b) Huey Walker.
(c) Hugo Weinrich.
(d) Hank Walters.

2. What does Freddie tell Huey to do so they can get in to see Dr. Femur?
(a) Walk with a cane.
(b) Hobble into the office.
(c) Massage his lower back.
(d) Walk with crutches.

3. What do the boys and Uncle Julio hear about on the car radio?
(a) A fireworks display.
(b) A department store fire.
(c) An armed robbery.
(d) A Major League Baseball game.

4. What is Julio's reaction when Julio hears that the robbers have located him and the boys?
(a) He calls the police.
(b) He freaks out.
(c) He remains calm.
(d) He faints.

5. What kept the biker's friends from killing Freddie and Huey?
(a) Their bikes ran out of gas and Freddie and Huey got away.
(b) They let them go because they were too puny to hit.
(c) The police broke up their fight in the bar.
(d) The bikers' friends beat Freddie and Huey but let them go.

Short Answer Questions

1. What grade are Hector and Mando in at school?

2. What are Freddie and Huey doing outside when Hector and Mando see them?

3. Where have Hector and Mando arrived at the beginning of the story?

4. Who does Julio call first about the photos?

5. Why does Freddie want to break into Julio's apartment?

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