Crazy Love: Overwhelmed by a Relentless God Test | Final Test - Easy

Francis Chan
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is one thing that people don't hoard?
(a) Gifts.
(b) Enemies.
(c) Friends.
(d) Time.

2. What doesn't negatively affect a person's giving?
(a) Fear.
(b) God.
(c) Pride.
(d) Friends.

3. What is one of the clearest ways we love?
(a) By giving.
(b) By forgiving.
(c) By leaving.
(d) By talking.

4. What does Chan say of our view of the Holy Spirit?
(a) It is wrong.
(b) It doesn't exist.
(c) It is too small.
(d) It is too large.

5. How does God command us to treat our enemies?
(a) With love.
(b) An eye for an eye.
(c) With anger.
(d) With retaliation.

6. Which character in the faith hall of fame had evil children?
(a) Moses.
(b) Samson.
(c) Abraham.
(d) David.

7. By whom are the Psalms written?
(a) Jesus.
(b) Solomon.
(c) A regular Christian.
(d) God.

8. What does God not call us to be?
(a) Comfortable.
(b) Active.
(c) Loving.
(d) Giving.

9. What did the members of the first church not do after they hear Paul's sermon on Pentecost?
(a) Shared the gospel.
(b) Sold their possessions.
(c) Waited for God.
(d) Repented.

10. Of what have people not accused the families of the murdered Amish children?
(a) Not dealing with their anger.
(b) Living in denial.
(c) Being loving.
(d) Being bad parents.

11. How does Chan suggest each person learn God's will for his/her life?
(a) By learning to listen to God.
(b) By following Chan's example.
(c) By going to a medium.
(d) By using their own imagination.

12. What is it that Chan says keeps him going?
(a) His own strength.
(b) Jesus.
(c) His family.
(d) The Holy Spirit.

13. What did Jesus tell his disciples to take with them?
(a) Nothing.
(b) Money.
(c) Bread.
(d) A bag.

14. To what does love lead?
(a) Forgiveness.
(b) Worry.
(c) Freedom.
(d) Sin.

15. How old was Rich Mullins when he died?
(a) Fifty-one.
(b) Twenty-one.
(c) Thirty-six.
(d) Forty-one.

Short Answer Questions

1. If we want to love others, what should we do?

2. After whom should Christians model their attitude?

3. What is not one of the things that believers should do to help set the pace for the church?

4. What did Susan hope not to have to do?

5. How many times was Yun arrested?

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