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Short Answer Questions

1. On the Harlington clearway, besides the customized fiberglass sports car, and a chauffeur-driven government saloon, what other car is involved a crash?

2. Why does Ballard feel "no trace of pity" for Gabrielle after they make love?

3. Who does Vaughan tell Ballard that Seagrave may follow after disappearing in a wig and leopard-skin coat?

4. How old are the "sharp-faced airport whores" Vaughan is arguing with when Ballard comes out of the bar?

5. At the Road Research Laboratory, when does Ballard feel his sense of disembodiment and unreality increase?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Ballard begin to drive through the city in search of Vaughan?

2. How does Vaughan begin to change as the novel progresses?

3. What kinds of pictures does Ballard find in the questionnaire and what do they signify?

4. Why doesn't Ballard intervene on Elizabeth Taylor's behalf when he knew what Vaughan was capable of attempting to hurt her?

5. Describe Catherine's fantasies about Vaughan, how they pertain to Ballard, and their impact on her and Ballard's marriage.

6. What does Ballard fantasize about as he has sex with Gabrielle and what does it mean?

7. At Seagrave's, what does Ballard deduce about Vaughan's photographs of Elizabeth Taylor and provides insight into why Vaughan followed Ballard?

8. How does Gabrielle respond to Ballard's staring at the scars on her legs and how does Ballard interpret her response?

9. How does Vaughan pose the prostitutes for his photographs and why?

10. What is Ballard's response to Catherine sleeping with Vaughan?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How did readers respond to "Crash" when it was first published? Discuss the critical response of the novel, including reviews, interviews with Ballard, and other readers' response to the novel. How was the novel both vilified or censored as well as hailed by the reading public?

Essay Topic 2

Traffic is a leitmotif in "Crash." What is the meaning of traffic, the material traffic of cars on the highways, as well as the emotional traffic of the characters lives?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the body as a major theme in the novel. Make sure you define theme in your discuss and use specific examples to address each of the following:

1) How does Ballard describe the human body in terms of its purpose and function?

2) Choose 3 characters and detail how their bodies are affected by violence?

3) Compare Ballard's description of the human body with the body of a car. What are their similarities and differences?

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