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Short Answer Questions

1. What is Helen wearing when Ballard sees her in the yard at Northolt station?

2. Why does Ballard recognize the man taking pictures of him as Vaughan?

3. What is the name of Catherine's secretary whom she asks Ballard to visualize her having intercourse with?

4. Who dies as the novel opens?

5. On their driving excursions to look for accident sites, what does Vaughan describe to Ballard?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is Karen and why is she significant?

2. How does the wife of the man killed in the crash with Ballard react to the crash and why is it significant?

3. What are Ballard's injuries from his crash with the man and his wife and how does he respond to them?

4. What is the chronology of the novel and why is it significant?

5. How does Dr. Helen Remington react to Ballard when he tries to speak to her in the hospital corridor?

6. How do Ballard, Helen, and Vaughan react to Seagrave's accident at the stock-car races and why is it significant?

7. What is the significance of the airport in "Crash"?

8. Who is with Dr. Helen Remington in the hospital and why is it significant?

9. Why doesn't Catherine attend the funeral for Dr. Helen Remington's husband and what does it show about her character?

10. What is Helen Remington doing at the impound yard when Ballard returns to survey the damage to his car and what does it show about her character?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The influence of J.G. Ballard as an avant-garde writer is well-documented. Discuss his influence within and outside of the literary community. Use secondary sources to help support your essay response.

Essay Topic 2

Traffic is a leitmotif in "Crash." What is the meaning of traffic, the material traffic of cars on the highways, as well as the emotional traffic of the characters lives?

Essay Topic 3

Automobiles play a major role in the novel. Choose 2 characters and discuss their relationship to vehicles. What is their purpose in the novel and what are they a metaphor for? Make sure to define metaphor in your discussion.

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