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Short Answer Questions

1. What injuries does Ballard sustain after the crash?

2. When Ballard goes to the garage, what does he see on a rear window sill that reminds him of his own personal possessions scattered on the floor of his car after the crash?

3. What is Helen wearing when Ballard sees her in the yard at Northolt station?

4. What is the name of the place where Vaughan and Ballard watch vehicles crash into concrete blocks?

5. According to Ballard, his "_________obsessions soon made themselves evident to ______ _________."

Short Essay Questions

1. How do Ballard, Helen, and Vaughan react to Seagrave's accident at the stock-car races and why is it significant?

2. What is the chronology of the novel and why is it significant?

3. How does Ballard regard his accident and why is it significant?

4. What is Helen Remington doing at the impound yard when Ballard returns to survey the damage to his car and what does it show about her character?

5. Who is Karen and why is she significant?

6. Where does Ballard take Renata after his release from the hospital and why?

7. What is the significance of the airport in "Crash"?

8. How does the wife of the man killed in the crash with Ballard react to the crash and why is it significant?

9. What kind of car does Ballard buy after his accident and what does it signify?

10. What dominates Ballard's thoughts as he recovers in the hospital and why is it significant?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the point of view (POV) in "Crash." Define point of view and make sure to use specific examples from the book while addressing the following in the essay:

1) What is the point of view of the story?

2) What impact does the POV have on the story?

3) How would the story change with a different POV?

Essay Topic 2

Automobiles play a major role in the novel. Choose 2 characters and discuss their relationship to vehicles. What is their purpose in the novel and what are they a metaphor for? Make sure to define metaphor in your discussion.

Essay Topic 3

How did readers respond to "Crash" when it was first published? Discuss the critical response of the novel, including reviews, interviews with Ballard, and other readers' response to the novel. How was the novel both vilified or censored as well as hailed by the reading public?

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