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Ellen Hopkins
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Kristina feel after her reading the letter from Adam while high on drugs?
(a) Euphoric.
(b) Apathetic.
(c) Angry.
(d) Emotional.

2. What does Chase know about Brendan?
(a) He knows Brendan has a mean streak.
(b) He knows Brendan and Kristina had a fling.
(c) He knows Brendan if a fake.
(d) He knows Brendan is a tightwad.

3. What do Chase and Kristina do together after they leave the mall?
(a) They talk about school.
(b) They get high.
(c) They have sex.
(d) They go to the water park.

4. Where do Kristina and Chase go after they kiss?
(a) The mall.
(b) Her home.
(c) The beach.
(d) His home.

5. Where does Kristina try to go when she sneaks out of the house?
(a) To Robyn's house.
(b) To school.
(c) To Chase's house.
(d) To the woods.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was the father of Kristina's baby?

2. What does Kristina tell the police officer about her parents?

3. What story did Robyn share with Kristina?

4. What does Kristina accuse her mother of?

5. What does Kristina promise Brendan?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens when Kristina's mother tries to wake her up for dinner?

2. Why was Kristina's birthday unforgettable in her opinion?

3. Describe how Chase felt about Kristina's rape experience.

4. How does Kristina react when she realizes who fathered the baby?

5. How does Kristina's date with Brendan go?

6. How does Kristina feel about kissing Robyn?

7. What happens after Kristina fights with her mom before dinner?

8. How does Kristina feel about her relationships with Chase and Brandon?

9. Why did Kristina want to make love with Chase?

10. What experience did Robyn have with rape?

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