Objects & Places from Crank

Ellen Hopkins
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This is a form of methamphetamine.


This is the city where Kristina lives with her mother, step-father, and younger brother.


This is the city where Kristina's father lived.

'92 Geo

This is the car that Kristina's father drove.

Bowling Alley

This is where Kristina's father worked. It was also the place where Kristina first used crank.


This is the term Kristina uses to describe the dirty, stinky bed that she sleeps on at her father's apartment.

Pepsi and Cosmopolitan

These are the items that Kristina goes to the market to buy when she runs into Adam.

Adam's Apartment

This is the place where Kristina and Adam go to talk after they met at the market.

Red Rock Canyon

This is the place where Kristina and Adam go skinny dipping.

Good California Green

This is a term for marijuana.

Razor Blade and Mirror

These are...

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