Crank Multiple Choice Test Questions

Ellen Hopkins
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Flirtin' with the Monster through At Least I Had Something

1. What did Kristina crank?
(a) A drug
(b) The Monster
(c) A piece of Heaven
(d) Her savior

2. How was life for Kristina when she started using crank?
(a) She felt like everything fell apart.
(b) She became very popular at school.
(c) Everything stayed the same.
(d) She indicates that life was better than before but not for long.

3. Who does Kristina turn into when she is unhappy?
(a) Joan.
(b) Kris.
(c) Bree.
(d) The monster.

4. What is Kristina's relationship with her family like?
(a) She loved her mom, but felt distanced from her sister.
(b) She felt very separated from them.
(c) She resented them.
(d) They were very close.

5. How did Bree help Kristina?
(a) She helped her keep alive physically and emotionally.
(b) She did the chores for Kristina.
(c) She told Bree how to get along with her father.
(d) She hung out with her and listened to her.

6. Why did Kristina go to visit her father?
(a) She missed him so much.
(b) She wanted to get away from her mother.
(c) She needed to get away from all the guys chasing her.
(d) The court ordered the visit.

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