Crank Fun Activities

Ellen Hopkins
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House Art

Kristina lived in two very different situations; when she was home and when she visited her dad. Divide a paper in half and draw or paint her bedroom at her mother's on one side of the paper and her bedroom at her father's on the other side of the page.

Pick a Name

Kristina has Bree and Adam has Buddy. Choose a name for your own alter-ego, and share it with the class, detailing why you chose the name and how it fits.

Shape poetry

The author wrote a poem in the shape of the arrows on the bowling alley floor. Pick an object you love then write a poem about it, and create the poem in the shape of the object.

Nicotene Research

Kristina smoked a cigarette for the first time at Adam's. This doesn't seem like a big deal, but it's her first step...

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