Crank Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Ellen Hopkins
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Flirtin' with the Monster through At Least I Had Something

• Kristina says she will tell her story.

• She feels distant from her family.

• Kristina introduces Bree.
• Kristina goes to Albuquerque to meet her dad.

• He is not what she remembers.

• She bumps into Adam, who gives her hope for an otherwise dismal summer.

Dad Had to Go to Work through He Knew it, Too

• Kristina's dad goes to work at the bowling alley.

• She tries to get used to the apartment.

• She realizes her mom might have been right in her description of her father.
• Kristina gains some perspective on her parent's situation.

• She goes outside and watches Adam with his girlfriend.

• The girl goes inside, and Adam calls to Kristina.

• She introduces herself as Bree.

• She goes to work with her dad, and realizes he is a druggie.

His Mom Was at Work through I Thought I Knew the Way Home

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