Objects & Places from Cradle to Cradle

William A. McDonough
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The book that is not a tree

This is made from a nontoxic polymer. It feels smooth and heavy, and it is beautiful. It can be reused again to make similar products.


These are end products with components that cannot easily be extracted from each other to be reused.


This composite product can be toxic as it can off-gas chemicals, and it also is impossible to reuse or recycle the material.

Early English Textile Factories

These are a good example of how the Industrial Revolution goes wrong. They abuse workers, have terrible indoor conditions, and pollute the environment.

Prince William Sound

This body of water is the site of the Exxon oil spill disaster. The area actually benefits economically from the cleanup.

The Ford River Rouge Plant

This is an excellent example of a responsible company that changes design and process so everything coming out of...

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