Cradle to Cradle Character Descriptions

William A. McDonough
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William McDonough

This architect grows up in Japan, where there is much beauty as well as intelligent design and use of scarce resources.

Michael Braungart

This chemist becomes the director of the German Environmental Protection Agency and studies how other cultures wisely recycle materials.

The Director of Ciba-Geigy

This person listens compassionately to a protester's ideas and suggests that the protester work for the Environmental Protection Agency.

Thomas Malthus

This is an 18th-century writer who predicts population overgrowth and industrial disasters.

Rachel Carson

This is the author of the groundbreaking book, Silent Spring which first alerts people to the terrible dangers of DDT and other chemicals.

Anne and Paul Erlich

These authors write in the 1980s, explaining the dangers of overpopulation and negative consequences of industrial growth and depleting the earth.

Fritz Schumacher

This author writes Small is Beautiful: Economics as if People Mattered in 1973. This author asks...

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