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Short Answer Questions

1. When they are at their safeplace in Italy, what are Anne and Justin worried about?

2. What happens between Anne and Justin when they are together in their safe place?

3. What has caused the change in Mrs. Walsh's behavior?

4. What does Father Rosetti do while he is still holding Colleen's baby?

5. Upon entering Colleen's house, what do Father Rosetti and Justin find?

Short Essay Questions

1. Anne and Justin marry and live a life of helping others. How does this reflect the type of people they are?

2. Why would Colleen's son come to claim Noelle?

3. During her prayer with Father Rosetti, why would Kathleen mention how dangerous and awful the world has become?

4. Anne once again saves Kathleen from impending death. How would one describe Anne in the eyes of Kathleen?

5. The man in the trench coach claims he is "their desires made real." What could he have meant by this?

6. What does Noelle do to perform her miracle?

7. What about the accident made Noelle perform her first miracle?

8. When Monsignor Stingley tells Father Rosetti "to look beyond the obvious" when they speak about the prophecy, what did he mean?

9. Although both girls have been declared anatomical virgins by several doctors, Father Rosetti is on a mission to find out which girl is a real virgin. What can this lead the reader to believe?

10. Why would Kathleen's condition be consciously bothering Jamie?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The prophecy is an interesting object in the novel and the common reason for events in the plot. What does the prophecy say? How has it effected the characters in the novel? How has the prophecy changed the plot of the story?

Essay Topic 2

Write an essay discussing the theme of good versus evil. What characters were considered "good"? What characters were considered "evil"? How does good and evil develop the plot of the novel?

Essay Topic 3

Internal conflicts occur when one is arguing with oneself when making decisions. What internal conflicts existed within this novel? Who had these internal conflicts and what were they over? How were decisions made?

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