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Short Answer Questions

1. While Kathleen is in the Vatican, Colleen is at home in Ireland. When Colleen returns to the kitchen, what is odd?

2. On her way to church, what does Kathleen encounter?

3. How are Colleen's son's eyes described?

4. What does Father Rosetti think about the blackbirds?

5. What is the purpose of Father Rosetti going to see Monsignor Stingley?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why would Kathleen and Father Rosetti both fear evil?

2. "The baby is not God's child, but it is a child of God." What does this mean about Kathleen's baby?

3. What reason does Colleen have for being frightened while she is in the barn?

4. Based on Anne and Kathleen's relationship thus far, why would Kathleen ask for Anne to be present when the baby is delivered?

5. Why would Kathleen have armed guards watching her room at the Vatican?

6. What does Father Rosetti committing suicide say about his character?

7. What about Colleen's impending birth has led Justin to rethink his career path?

8. Colleen is ridiculed by the people she's known and lived near for years, yet believed and supported by strangers. Why might this happen?

9. Anne once again saves Kathleen from impending death. How would one describe Anne in the eyes of Kathleen?

10. For what reasons would the man who appears out of place amongst the crowd of reporters make Anne uneasy?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Settings tend to set the mood or even foreshadow the coming events of a novel. Write a descriptive essay about what Father Rosetti experienced during his plane crash. What did he see? How does he feel? What emotions did he experience? How does this accident and experience set the mood for Father Rosetti? What foreshadowing can be developed from this incident?

Essay Topic 2

Cardinal Rooney was appointed to hire investigators to research the mysterious pregnancies and polio outbreak. He is a trusting character and is one of the genuine characters not affected by "the voice." Cardinal Rooney represents the good of people with his ability to trust. What reasons did Cardinal Rooney have to trust Anne? What reasons did Cardinal Rooney have to hire Father Rosetti and trust him with this sensitive information? Why did he think just one person wasn't capable to handle the job? Why did he bring in Father Justin also? Did his trust waiver?

Essay Topic 3

The Catholic Church is a major prop throughout the novel. Write an essay describing how the church and religion is important throughout the novel. Has the church or religion greatly effected the characters? Has the church caused conflict in the novel? If so, how?

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