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Short Answer Questions

1. What is Anne's reaction upon entering the Beavier's household?

2. Who intervenes during the incident Colleen had when she left her house after her nightmare?

3. What happens to Father Rosetti on his way to Ireland?

4. Who accompanies Kathleen on her trip?

5. How does Kathleen think of Anne?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why would Cardinal Rooney have chosen Anne to work on this investigation?

2. Doctor Shapiro performs another exam on Kathleen and also claims that she is a virgin. Doctor Shapiro is not connected with the church. Why is his exam more important to Kathleen than the results received by doctors before?

3. Father Rosetti is the sole survivor of a plane crash when he is on his way to see Colleen. He wonders "if the crash was an accident or meant to kill him." Why would Father Rosetti think this?

4. Although it was something of an honor for the late Pope to share the prophecy with Father Rosetti, why might Father Rosetti believe it is not worth knowing?

5. Why might Kathleen have traveled to a foreign city to have her abortion?

6. Based on the prophecy and what you have read thus far, which girl may be carrying the child of Satan?

7. Why may Colleen would be hiding from Sister Katherine and Father Flannery?

8. Mrs. Walsh overhears the conversation between Anne and Kathleen's friends when Kathleen's boyfriend is revealed. She now believes that Kathleen is evil. Why might Mrs. Walsh feel this way?

9. What might "the voice" represent?

10. Why would Kathleen not really think about suicide before it was mentioned to her by "the voice"?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Miracles happen throughout the novel. Write an essay explaining the miracles that have occurred. How have the miracles built the plot of the novel? How is Noelle a miracle in herself? What miracle does Noelle perform?

Essay Topic 2

When the girls become pregnant, the world begins to change. Chaos erupts globally and disease is rampant. However, when the babies are born, the world begins to heal. What do these two pregnancies mean to the world? How was the world affected? What is the symbolic connection between the two events?

Essay Topic 3

Write a character analysis on Anne's character. Is she a protagonist or antagonist? Is she a round or flat character? What makes Anne interesting as a character? What are her positive attributes? Negative attributes?

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