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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Father Rosetti and Justin finally see Colleen, how is she?
(a) Colleen is perfectly fine and watching television in her bedroom.
(b) Colleen is in the barn, in labor and very scared.
(c) Colleen is very pregnant, but comfortable and happy.
(d) Colleen is in the barn and in labor, but with her mother.

2. What can Kathleen do that Mrs. Walsh can't?
(a) Talk to the press.
(b) Leave the country.
(c) Ignore the suggestions of "the voice."
(d) Have a baby.

3. Emotionally, how is Kathleen feeling after Jamie's death and Mrs. Walsh's behavior?
(a) Fantastic.
(b) Self-conscious about how much weight she's gained.
(c) Uncomfortable and miserable from her pregnancy.
(d) Overly sorry and frustrated because of people's expectations of her.

4. What kind of life did Anne and Justin create?
(a) Anne and Justin created a life of inconsistency and moving around.
(b) Anne and Justin created a life of lies.
(c) Anne and Justin created a life of chaos.
(d) Anne and Justin created a happy, normal family with Noelle and their other children.

5. What happens to Colleen's baby as he lays in Father Rosetti's arms?
(a) The baby is swooped up by a flock of blackbirds from Father Rosetti's arms.
(b) The baby dies while he is in Father Rosetti's arms.
(c) The baby assumes the shape of a beast and bites Father Rosetti.
(d) The baby begins to glow like an angel in Father Rosetti's arms.

Short Answer Questions

1. On the night her baby was conceived, what did Colleen see on Liffy Glade?

2. How does Kathleen respond to the visit from the Pope while she is in labor?

3. What is the plan to get Kathleen out of her house?

4. Why is Jamie disturbed by Kathleen's condition?

5. Where does Anne recognize the "man in the trenchcoat" from?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Monsignor Stingley tells Father Rosetti "to look beyond the obvious" when they speak about the prophecy, what did he mean?

2. What reason does Colleen have for being frightened while she is in the barn?

3. Why would Mrs.Walsh consider Kathleen evil or even call her Satan?

4. Colleen is ridiculed by the people she's known and lived near for years, yet believed and supported by strangers. Why might this happen?

5. Anne and Justin marry and live a life of helping others. How does this reflect the type of people they are?

6. How would going through labor help Kathleen remember the events of the conception?

7. Based on Kathleen's memory of the events leading to the conception of the baby, how would one describe Jamie?

8. Although a trained private investigator, Anne is greatly disturbed that she had to fire her weapon. What may this tell the reader about Anne's character?

9. Why would Kathleen have armed guards watching her room at the Vatican?

10. Why would Anne and Justin confront Father Rosetti when they reach the Vatican?

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