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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Kathleen going to have her baby?
(a) To Ireland.
(b) Back to her home in Rhode Island.
(c) Nowhere--she is going to have the baby right where she is.
(d) Inside Vatican City.

2. When praying with Father Rosetti, what does Kathleen pray for?
(a) Mrs. Walsh's soul.
(b) World peace.
(c) That Anne is safe.
(d) A safe delivery of her baby.

3. As Colleen stands in her kitchen, whom does Colleen see through her window?
(a) Father Flannery approaching her house.
(b) Justin approaching her house.
(c) A mob of townspeople approaching her house.
(d) Her mother and Sister Katherine sitting in the garden.

4. What saves Colleen from any possible danger the evening she was at Liffy Galde?
(a) Thunder sounded and Colleen was released.
(b) Colleen threw rocks and sticks, so she was left alone.
(c) The cops came and Colleen was able to get away.
(d) Colleen ran and hid in the bushes so she couldn't be found.

5. Why is Colleen's son at the scene of the miracle?
(a) Because he believed Noelle to be his long lost sister.
(b) To "claim" Noelle.
(c) Because he lived in the area.
(d) To introduce himself to Noelle and be her friend.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Jamie disturbed by Kathleen's condition?

2. What is Kathleen's reaction when Anne tells her about the conversation that she has with Jamie?

3. What happens when Colleen was noticed watching the occurrence on Liffy Glade?

4. What is Anne's part in Father Rosetti's plan?

5. What was Noelle going to college to study?

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