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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Kathleen respond to the visit from the Pope while she is in labor?
(a) Kathleen appears to have a seizure when the Pope visits.
(b) Kathleen is relieved to see him and confesses all her sins.
(c) Kathleen is grateful for his visit and thanks him.
(d) Kathleen is uncomfortable because he thinks she has sinned.

2. What is the plan to get Kathleen out of her house?
(a) They decided to fake Kathleen going into labor and get her out in an ambulance.
(b) Three sedans are sent. Only one has Kathleen in it and once on the road they all go separate directions to confuse the press.
(c) They were going to hire a look-alike to make them think Kathleen was in the house, while the real Kathleen snuck out the back door.
(d) They would sneak Kathleen out at night when no one was looking.

3. When they are at their safeplace in Italy, what are Anne and Justin worried about?
(a) About the girls.
(b) They may catch the polio virus.
(c) Kathleen hurting herself again.
(d) That their safeplace will be discovered.

4. When talking to Father Rosetti about evil, what does Kathleen realize?
(a) Father Rosetti must be insane.
(b) The Devil does not want her to have this baby.
(c) She may never live a normal life.
(d) People are going through great dangers to help her.

5. What breaks Anne's train of thought as she admires the birth she just saw?
(a) Anne hears a knocking at the door.
(b) Anne hears a high pitch, animalistic scream from outside.
(c) Anne hears a window break.
(d) Anne hears a voice demanding her to kill Kathleen's baby.

Short Answer Questions

1. As Colleen stands in her kitchen, whom does Colleen see through her window?

2. What reaches Kathleen's new destination before her?

3. When Father Rosetti and Justin arrive at Colleen's house what do they see?

4. What did Colleen's son's eyes resemble from earlier in the novel?

5. After the incident of Kathleen on the ledge, what does the Vatican decide?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why would Kathleen and Father Rosetti both fear evil?

2. Anne once again saves Kathleen from impending death. How would one describe Anne in the eyes of Kathleen?

3. What reason does Colleen have for being frightened while she is in the barn?

4. During her prayer with Father Rosetti, why would Kathleen mention how dangerous and awful the world has become?

5. Colleen is ridiculed by the people she's known and lived near for years, yet believed and supported by strangers. Why might this happen?

6. Why would Kathleen have armed guards watching her room at the Vatican?

7. Why would Mrs.Walsh consider Kathleen evil or even call her Satan?

8. The man in the trench coach claims he is "their desires made real." What could he have meant by this?

9. How would going through labor help Kathleen remember the events of the conception?

10. Based on Anne and Kathleen's relationship thus far, why would Kathleen ask for Anne to be present when the baby is delivered?

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