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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Father Rosetti do after Colleen gives birth to her son?
(a) Father Rosetti checks over the baby and then walks away with him in his arms.
(b) Father Rosetti contacts the Pope.
(c) Father Rosetti runs out of the room screaming.
(d) Father Rosetti goes outside and makes an announcement to the press that a boy was born.

2. Who turns out to be the one to deliver the savior of the prophecy?
(a) Kathleen was actually the savior of the prophecy.
(b) Anne is the person who delivers the savior of the prophecy.
(c) Sister Katherine had the savior of the prophecy when she was a teenager.
(d) Mrs. Walsh is the person who has already delivered the savior of the prophecy.

3. When Anne and Justin confront Father Rosetti, what does he eventually tell them?
(a) Father Rosetti eventually tells them about the prophecy.
(b) Father Rosetti tells them that he is not a real priest.
(c) Father Rosetti tells them that he is hearing a voice in his head.
(d) Father Rosetti eventually tells them that he knows the secret to how the girls got pregnant.

4. What is the purpose of Father Rosetti going to see Monsignor Stingley?
(a) The Monsignor was going to listen to Father Rosetti's confession.
(b) The Monsignor is the other person who shares knowledge of the prophecy, and Father Rosetti wanted to share what he knew.
(c) The Monsignor is an old friend and he wanted to just say hello.
(d) The Monsignor is going to give Father Rosetti advice on how to transfer to his church.

5. What does Monsignor tell Father Rosetti?
(a) He is not meant to be a priest for much longer.
(b) There is no such thing as a prophecy.
(c) The world is coming to an end.
(d) That he is in danger.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Father Rosetti and Justin arrive at Colleen's house what do they see?

2. What is Anne's part in Father Rosetti's plan?

3. What saves Colleen from any possible danger the evening she was at Liffy Galde?

4. What did Noelle, Anne's virginal pregnancy baby, plan to do as a career?

5. Why does the Devil have no power over Anne?

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