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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Father Rosetti learn about Colleen through her birth records?
(a) That she is adopted.
(b) That she has a rare disease.
(c) That she has a very rare blood type.
(d) That she was born with two sets of sex organs--one set of male, one female.

2. What does the doctor Father Rosetti bumps into tell him?
(a) He looks awful and should go to the hospital.
(b) He would like to be present when Colleen has her baby.
(c) He is the person who delivered Colleen and has her medical file.
(d) He needs to change his diet now that he feels better.

3. Why does Father Flannery, the church's priest, make Colleen uncomfortable?
(a) She is uncomfortable because he judges her about her condition.
(b) She is uncomfortable because he doesn't believe her story about being a virgin.
(c) She is uncomfortable because he doesn't want to listen to her confession.
(d) She is uncomfortable because he is making sexual inuendos towards her.

4. Why does Jamie become agitated at the bar?
(a) Because someone is being rude to him.
(b) Because Kathleen's parents won't allow her to see him.
(c) Because his friends didn't show up at the bar.
(d) Because his friends are harassing him about Kathleen.

5. What did Colleen's son's eyes resemble from earlier in the novel?
(a) Colleen's son's eyes resembled his grandmother's eyes.
(b) Colleen's son's eyes resembled those of evil as seen earlier in the novel.
(c) Colleen's son's eyes resembled his mother's eyes.
(d) Colleen's son's eyes resembled his father's eyes.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Anne and Justin confront Father Rosetti, what does he eventually tell them?

2. Why is Colleen's son at the scene of the miracle?

3. While Kathleen is in the Vatican, Colleen is at home in Ireland. When Colleen returns to the kitchen, what is odd?

4. Why does Colleen run to hide in the barn?

5. Who watched Noelle perform her first miracle?

Short Essay Questions

1. During her prayer with Father Rosetti, why would Kathleen mention how dangerous and awful the world has become?

2. What does Noelle do to perform her miracle?

3. What about Colleen's impending birth has led Justin to rethink his career path?

4. Based on Kathleen's memory of the events leading to the conception of the baby, how would one describe Jamie?

5. Although both girls have been declared anatomical virgins by several doctors, Father Rosetti is on a mission to find out which girl is a real virgin. What can this lead the reader to believe?

6. Why would Father Rosetti take the baby away from Colleen and perform the sign of the cross on the baby's forehead?

7. For what reasons would the man who appears out of place amongst the crowd of reporters make Anne uneasy?

8. After Monsignor Stingley gave Father Rosetti the advice about the prophecy, he was struck dead. What could this lead the reader to assume?

9. What reason does Colleen have for being frightened while she is in the barn?

10. What does Father Rosetti committing suicide say about his character?

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