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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. While Kathleen is in the Vatican, Colleen is at home in Ireland. When Colleen returns to the kitchen, what is odd?
(a) Colleen sees Satan sitting in her room.
(b) Colleen suddenly forgets who and where she is.
(c) Colleen sees Kathleen sitting in her house.
(d) Colleen's mother and Sister Katherine that were just there are now gone.

2. How are Colleen's son's eyes described?
(a) As dark and cold.
(b) As warm and caring.
(c) A beautiful stone gray.
(d) As the color of emeralds.

3. When talking to Father Rosetti about evil, what does Kathleen realize?
(a) She may never live a normal life.
(b) People are going through great dangers to help her.
(c) The Devil does not want her to have this baby.
(d) Father Rosetti must be insane.

4. What is Kathleen's reaction when Anne tells her about the conversation that she has with Jamie?
(a) Kathleen is shocked Jamie said those things about her.
(b) Kathleen shows no emotion towards what Jamie has said about her.
(c) Kathleen laughs about what Jamie said and claims he's a real comedian.
(d) Kathleen is very hurt by the lie Jamie told, but not surprised about how he reacted.

5. What can Kathleen do that Mrs. Walsh can't?
(a) Have a baby.
(b) Talk to the press.
(c) Ignore the suggestions of "the voice."
(d) Leave the country.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Noelle, Anne's virginal pregnancy baby, plan to do as a career?

2. When Anne and Justin confront Father Rosetti, what does he eventually tell them?

3. What happens to Jamie on his way to Sachuset Point?

4. What is Anne's part in Father Rosetti's plan?

5. Why does Father Rosetti kill Father Flannery with a pitchfork?

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