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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After the incident of Kathleen on the ledge, what does the Vatican decide?
(a) They need to send more security to protect Kathleen.
(b) That Kathleen should have her labor induced to remove the attention she is getting.
(c) That Anne is not doing a good job and reassigns Kathleen's case.
(d) That Rhode Island is no longer safe for Kathleen.

2. What happens to Jamie on his way to Sachuset Point?
(a) Jamie decides to turn around and go home.
(b) Jamie gets in an accident.
(c) Jamie gets pulled over.
(d) Jamie crashes his car and dies.

3. What does Father Rosetti think about the blackbirds?
(a) Blackbirds have a nest in the area and are simply looking for food.
(b) Blackbirds are bad luck.
(c) Each blackbird is a fallen angel coming to where Satan's child is born.
(d) Blackbirds are good luck.

4. What happened the night after Jamie's ride to Sachuset Point?
(a) Mrs. Walsh enters Kathleen's bedroom with a knife.
(b) Kathleen's parents sent her to live with her grandparents.
(c) Kathleen's friends threw her a baby shower.
(d) Jamie came to Kathleen's house to apologize for the rumors he has been spreading.

5. When Colleen leaves the church she is attacked again by the group from earlier. Whom or what saves her?
(a) The blackbirds.
(b) The police.
(c) Colleen's family.
(d) The nuns.

Short Answer Questions

1. In between Kathleen's contractions, what appears to Kathleen?

2. Why is Colleen's son at the scene of the miracle?

3. What did Anne and Justin do after the investigation was over?

4. When they are at their safeplace in Italy, what are Anne and Justin worried about?

5. Why is Jamie disturbed by Kathleen's condition?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why would Mrs.Walsh consider Kathleen evil or even call her Satan?

2. "The baby is not God's child, but it is a child of God." What does this mean about Kathleen's baby?

3. For what reasons would the man who appears out of place amongst the crowd of reporters make Anne uneasy?

4. Why would Kathleen's condition be consciously bothering Jamie?

5. Although both girls have been declared anatomical virgins by several doctors, Father Rosetti is on a mission to find out which girl is a real virgin. What can this lead the reader to believe?

6. What does Noelle do to perform her miracle?

7. Why would Colleen's son come to claim Noelle?

8. Why would Anne and Justin confront Father Rosetti when they reach the Vatican?

9. Based on Kathleen's memory of the events leading to the conception of the baby, how would one describe Jamie?

10. What about the accident made Noelle perform her first miracle?

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