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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do people want from Kathleen?
(a) To sacrifice herself for her sins.
(b) To perform miracles.
(c) To give her baby up for adoption.
(d) To abort the baby.

2. What happens between Anne and Justin when they are together in their safe place?
(a) Anne and Justin discover they don't share the same viewpoints about the case and they should work independently.
(b) Anne confesses her feelings towards Justin and they kiss.
(c) Anne and Justin get into a fight and stop speaking to each other.
(d) Anne and Justin decide that after the investigation is over they will no longer be in contact with each other.

3. How are Colleen's son's eyes described?
(a) As dark and cold.
(b) As the color of emeralds.
(c) As warm and caring.
(d) A beautiful stone gray.

4. What kind of life did Anne and Justin create?
(a) Anne and Justin created a life of chaos.
(b) Anne and Justin created a life of lies.
(c) Anne and Justin created a life of inconsistency and moving around.
(d) Anne and Justin created a happy, normal family with Noelle and their other children.

5. In between Kathleen's contractions, what appears to Kathleen?
(a) Flashbacks of Jamie and his friends and what they did to her appear to Kathleen.
(b) The ghost of Mrs. Walsh appears to Kathleen.
(c) The Devil appears to Kathleen.
(d) The ghost of Justin appears to Kathleen.

6. What leads Anne to believe that Father Rosetti has information about the investigation that he is not sharing?
(a) Father Rosetti seems to be afraid of the Bleesed Mother.
(b) Father Rosetti is overly confident and not even paying attention to what is being said.
(c) Father Rosetti isn't asking Anne any questions.
(d) Father Rosetti keeps looking over his shoulder and jumping at every sound he hears.

7. What made Noelle perform her first miracle?
(a) Noelle was upset by the loss of life and sadness she encountered.
(b) Noelle felt that the woman deserved to have a baby.
(c) Noelle didn't like that things weren't going her way.
(d) Noelle just wanted to see if she had the power to do so.

8. Why does Father Rosetti kill Father Flannery with a pitchfork?
(a) Father Rosetti accidentally killed Father Flannery.
(b) Father Rosetti was jealous of Father Flannery's relationship with Colleen.
(c) Father Rosetti always had a problem with Father Flannery and took advantage of the situation.
(d) Father Rosetti recognizes the Devil inside Father Flannery so he kills him.

9. Why is Jamie disturbed by Kathleen's condition?
(a) Because he is telling everyone they had sex, but he knows they didn't.
(b) Because he thinks it's making her too depressed.
(c) Because he doesn't want a baby.
(d) Because he's afraid of how her parents are treating her.

10. Where does Anne recognize the "man in the trenchcoat" from?
(a) The local chruch.
(b) His picture as a reporter for the local newspaper.
(c) When they first arrived at their new desination.
(d) Rhode Island.

11. How does Noelle perform her first miracle?
(a) Noelle wished on a falling star.
(b) Noelle prayed to God and he gave her what she prayed for.
(c) Noelle wiggled her nose and nodded her head, therefore her miracle was granted.
(d) Noelle asked her special genie to give her the miracle she wanted.

12. What does Father Rosetti tell the Beavier family that they did not know?
(a) That their daughter's situation is not odd, but it actually happens at least once a year.
(b) That he is not a priest.
(c) About the prophecy.
(d) About the second virgin pregnancy.

13. Who watched Noelle perform her first miracle?
(a) Kathleen saw Noelle perform her first miracle.
(b) Colleen's nineteen year old son with dark cold eyes saw Noelle perform her first miracle.
(c) Noelle's parents saw her perform her first miracle.
(d) Colleen saw Noelle perform her first miracle.

14. What happens to Colleen's baby as he lays in Father Rosetti's arms?
(a) The baby assumes the shape of a beast and bites Father Rosetti.
(b) The baby is swooped up by a flock of blackbirds from Father Rosetti's arms.
(c) The baby dies while he is in Father Rosetti's arms.
(d) The baby begins to glow like an angel in Father Rosetti's arms.

15. As Colleen hides in the barn, what is she thinking?
(a) That she just wished everyone would leave her alone.
(b) That no one will think to look for her in there.
(c) That she may have the baby at that moment.
(d) That the smell is making her sick.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Jamie become agitated at the bar?

2. What did Colleen's son's eyes resemble from earlier in the novel?

3. When praying with Father Rosetti, what does Kathleen pray for?

4. On her way to church, what does Kathleen encounter?

5. What does Father Rosetti learn about Colleen through her birth records?

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