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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Father Rosetti begins to put together an idea. He combines the events happening in the world with the prophecy told to him by the Pope. What conclusion does he come to?
(a) Father Rosetti believes that the events occurring in the world at this time is just coincidence.
(b) Father Rosetti decides that the prophecy is nonsense and dismisses the whole idea.
(c) Father Rosetti decides he should not keep the prophecy to himself anymore because it is not safe for him.
(d) Father Rosetti decides that if the prophecy is true, one of the girls is carrying the Son of Satan and that child must be stopped before the world is destroyed.

2. What conclusion does Mrs. Walsh come to as she watches Kathleen prepare for the press conference?
(a) That Kathleen is a very sweet girl.
(b) That Kathleen is a liar.
(c) That Kathleen is evil.
(d) That Kathleen is very lonely.

3. When Anne takes a walk to clear her mind, how does Anne find Kathleen?
(a) Sitting peacefully with a book.
(b) With her boyfriend.
(c) Unresponsive and "bleeding from between her legs."
(d) Sleeping under a tree.

4. What is it about the gypsies that made Colleen enjoy their company?
(a) Colleen liked the honesty of the gypsies.
(b) Colleen liked the stories the gypsies had to tell.
(c) Colleen liked the compassion of the gypsies.
(d) Colleen liked that the gypsies were carefree.

5. Who hires Anne Fitzgerald?
(a) The Cardinal of the Catholic Archdiocese in Boston.
(b) Kathleen.
(c) Kathleen's family.
(d) The city of Boston.

6. Whom does Kathleen have a vision of during her press conference?
(a) Herself in a past life.
(b) The Devil.
(c) The Virgin Mary.
(d) Of what her baby will look like when it is born.

7. When Anne and Father O'Carroll are reunited at the Beavier home, how do they react towards each other?
(a) They introduce themselves because they have never met before.
(b) They are angry they have to work with each other.
(c) They remember the feelings they had for each other years ago.
(d) They are thrilled to see each other again.

8. What makes Colleen's visitor end the meeting early and rush away?
(a) The visitor felt very uncomfortable around Colleen and couldn't stay there one more minute.
(b) The visitor heard "the voice" and was having inappropriate temptations.
(c) The visitor had an emergency at home and had to leave in a hurry.
(d) The visitor forgot a previous appointment and rushed out.

9. Whom does Colleen's visitor say Colleen resembles?
(a) An angel.
(b) A movie star.
(c) The "mother of Christ."
(d) A person the visitor met a long time ago.

10. What does Doctor's Shapiro's examination prove?
(a) Kathleen is pregnant but not a virgin.
(b) Kathleen is not pregnant at all.
(c) Kathleen is mentally insane.
(d) Kathleen is pregnant and a virgin.

11. What is the relationship between Anne and Father Justin O'Carroll, the new investigator hired to help her?
(a) They respect each other, but don't share the same opinions.
(b) They are just meeting each other for the first time and are curious about eachother.
(c) They knew each other when Anne was a nun.
(d) They dislike each other greatly.

12. How does Father Rosetti cross paths with Anne Fitzgerald?
(a) He has been assigned to investigate the Polio outbreak at the same time Anne is in Los Angeles.
(b) They are neighbors.
(c) He bumps into Anne on the subway.
(d) They work at the homeless shelter together.

13. What made Anne "reconsider her vows" and quit being a nun?
(a) She fell in love with Father Justin O'Carroll.
(b) She lost faith in God.
(c) She just wasn't happy.
(d) She wanted to make more money.

14. What does Kathleen do to relax and ease her mind of her troubles?
(a) Goes to the beach and takes a swim.
(b) Leaves town for a long weekend.
(c) Goes for a long walk in the country.
(d) Goes to her room and writes in her journal.

15. What is Father Rosetti's responsibility?
(a) To make sure the girls attend mass every Sunday.
(b) To teach the prophecy to others.
(c) To make sure the girls have their babies baptized in the Catholic Church.
(d) To determine which girl is carrying the Son of Satan.

Short Answer Questions

1. Even though Father Rosetti is troubled, what does he continue to think about?

2. Who is the first female character to be introduced?

3. What does Anne discover when preparing for the press conference?

4. When Anne brings her to the hospital, what does Kathleen insist that the doctors not do?

5. What happens to Kathleen as she prepares for the conference?

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