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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Anne discover when preparing for the press conference?
(a) That Kathleen's friends know what happened eight months earlier.
(b) That Kathleen's mother has been keeping Kathleen away from her friends.
(c) That Kathleen's mom treats Kathleen poorly.
(d) That Kathleen has been lying to her the entire time.

2. What is the relationship between Anne and Father Justin O'Carroll, the new investigator hired to help her?
(a) They dislike each other greatly.
(b) They respect each other, but don't share the same opinions.
(c) They knew each other when Anne was a nun.
(d) They are just meeting each other for the first time and are curious about eachother.

3. What conclusion does Mrs. Walsh come to as she watches Kathleen prepare for the press conference?
(a) That Kathleen is a liar.
(b) That Kathleen is a very sweet girl.
(c) That Kathleen is very lonely.
(d) That Kathleen is evil.

4. Why does Kathleen have to sit impatiently at her destination in the city?
(a) The doctor is running late.
(b) The office is empty.
(c) There are a lot of people ahead of her.
(d) She forgot to make an appointment.

5. How does Colleen resemble Mother Mary?
(a) Colleen is sweet and genuine.
(b) Colleen is shocked over her current condition,.
(c) Colleen is a strong-willed woman.
(d) Colleen is alone in a small town with no real friends or companions.

6. What word would best describe the sound Kathleen hears at the clinic?
(a) High-pitched.
(b) Evil.
(c) Annoying.
(d) Fuzzy.

7. Who is the first female character to be introduced?
(a) Colleen.
(b) Mrs. Walsh.
(c) Kathleen.
(d) Anne.

8. How does Kathleen get to her destination in the city?
(a) Her mom drives her.
(b) She walks.
(c) She takes the bus.
(d) She takes a taxi.

9. When talking to Kathleen's friends, what does Anne discover?
(a) That Kathleen never dated before.
(b) That Kathleen is new to the town and pretty much stays to herself.
(c) That Kathleen is a compulsive liar.
(d) The name of the boy Kathleen was dating when she became pregnant.

10. How is Jamie's personality described?
(a) A stubborn young man.
(b) Confident, but with "inner insecurities."
(c) A kind and generous young man.
(d) Rude and obnoxious.

11. Who inspires the nightmares that awaken both Kathleen and Colleen?
(a) The mother of Christ.
(b) The ghost of Father Rosetti.
(c) The Devil.
(d) Cardinal Rooney.

12. How do Kathleen's parents feel about her pregnancy?
(a) Angry.
(b) Happy they are going to be grandparents.
(c) Devastated.
(d) Confused and stressed.

13. Where does Kathleen believe her baby was conceived?
(a) She can't remember.
(b) At a football pep rally.
(c) On a weekend trip.
(d) At her sixteenth birthday party.

14. How does Jamie react when he is told about the medical evidence contradicting the story he tells?
(a) Jamie is very upset and confused.
(b) Jamie is shocked and doesn't know what to say.
(c) Jamie is relieved the truth was finally unveiled.
(d) Jamie gets angry and violent.

15. After speaking with Kathleen, what does Anne think about Kathleen's story?
(a) Anne thinks Kathleen is making up the story just to get attention.
(b) Anne believes Kathleen completely.
(c) Anne wants to believe Kathleen, but has a hard time doing so because Kathleen can't remember events from eight months earlier.
(d) Anne thinks Kathleen is making up the entire story.

Short Answer Questions

1. What has followed Kathleen to the Newport Hospital?

2. Why does Father Rosetti feel pressure to solve this mystery of the virgin pregnancies?

3. What happens to Kathleen as she prepares for the conference?

4. How old is the first female character that is introduced?

5. According to the Pope, what happened on October 13, 1917?

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