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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Father Rosetti begins to put together an idea. He combines the events happening in the world with the prophecy told to him by the Pope. What conclusion does he come to?
(a) Father Rosetti decides that if the prophecy is true, one of the girls is carrying the Son of Satan and that child must be stopped before the world is destroyed.
(b) Father Rosetti decides that the prophecy is nonsense and dismisses the whole idea.
(c) Father Rosetti believes that the events occurring in the world at this time is just coincidence.
(d) Father Rosetti decides he should not keep the prophecy to himself anymore because it is not safe for him.

2. Why does Kathleen take a trip to this city?
(a) To get an abortion.
(b) To visit family.
(c) To go to a concert.
(d) To go shopping.

3. What does Doctor's Shapiro's examination prove?
(a) Kathleen is not pregnant at all.
(b) Kathleen is pregnant but not a virgin.
(c) Kathleen is mentally insane.
(d) Kathleen is pregnant and a virgin.

4. How does Kathleen react to her pregnancy?
(a) She has been expecting this news.
(b) She is devastated.
(c) She has never been happier.
(d) She is surprised.

5. Who goes to visit Colleen in Ireland?
(a) Kathleen.
(b) Father Rosetti.
(c) Cardinal Rooney.
(d) Anne.

6. What is Father Rosetti's responsibility?
(a) To teach the prophecy to others.
(b) To make sure the girls have their babies baptized in the Catholic Church.
(c) To determine which girl is carrying the Son of Satan.
(d) To make sure the girls attend mass every Sunday.

7. How does Kathleen think of Anne?
(a) As a sweet, but shy woman.
(b) As her "special protector."
(c) As a mentor whom she looks up to.
(d) As annoying.

8. Why is Anne "transfixed" by Kathleen's face?
(a) Because Kathleen looks like an angel.
(b) Because Kathleen reminds Anne of herself at that age.
(c) Because Kathleen doesn't look like a girl who would get mixed up in the wrong crowd or get herself pregnant.
(d) Because Kathleen has a birth defect.

9. How could Anne's parents be described?
(a) As helpful and supportive.
(b) As never being home.
(c) As nurturing.
(d) As alcoholics.

10. Why did Anne leave her home when she was younger?
(a) Anne had to fulfill a committment to God.
(b) Anne went to take care of a sick aunt.
(c) Anne was homeless and had nowhere else to go.
(d) Anne left to go to college.

11. How does Colleen resemble Mother Mary?
(a) Colleen is sweet and genuine.
(b) Colleen is shocked over her current condition,.
(c) Colleen is a strong-willed woman.
(d) Colleen is alone in a small town with no real friends or companions.

12. What is happening to the world during Collen a Kathleen's last few weeks of pregnancy?
(a) Pirate attacks.
(b) Many natural disasters.
(c) Another World War.
(d) An economic recession.

13. Who intervenes during the incident Colleen had when she left her house after her nightmare?
(a) A flock of birds.
(b) Anne Fitzgerald.
(c) Colleen's mother.
(d) Cardinal Rooney.

14. How does Kathleen feel about the discovery she makes at the clinic?
(a) Terrified.
(b) Shaken.
(c) Not affected by it.
(d) Elated.

15. Who is the first female character to be introduced?
(a) Kathleen.
(b) Anne.
(c) Mrs. Walsh.
(d) Colleen.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Colleen go to get peace?

2. What is Anne Fitzgerald's occupation?

3. What is the prophecy of the Catholic Church?

4. How is Kathleen's mother reacting to the events surrounding her daughter?

5. How does Kathleen get to her destination in the city?

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