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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Epilogue: Chapter 112.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is unique about Kathleen's pregnancy?
(a) She is a virgin.
(b) She was artifically inseminated.
(c) She is a surrogate mother.
(d) She is having quadruplets.

2. What happens to Monsignor Stingley after he shares his message with Father Rosetti?
(a) Monsignor gets dressed in his robes and conducts a mass for a hundred people.
(b) Monsignor Stingley drops dead.
(c) Monsignor has a heart attack and is rushed to the nearest hospital.
(d) Monsignor laughs and says he was just kidding.

3. Who turns out to be the one to deliver the savior of the prophecy?
(a) Kathleen was actually the savior of the prophecy.
(b) Mrs. Walsh is the person who has already delivered the savior of the prophecy.
(c) Sister Katherine had the savior of the prophecy when she was a teenager.
(d) Anne is the person who delivers the savior of the prophecy.

4. What did Anne and Justin do after the investigation was over?
(a) Anne and Justin became teachers and directors of a home for girls in need of help.
(b) Justin and Anne opened an orphanage.
(c) Justin and Anne became doctors and opened a free clinic for medicine.
(d) Justin and Anne opened their own private investigator firm

5. Father Rosetti begins to put together an idea. He combines the events happening in the world with the prophecy told to him by the Pope. What conclusion does he come to?
(a) Father Rosetti decides that the prophecy is nonsense and dismisses the whole idea.
(b) Father Rosetti believes that the events occurring in the world at this time is just coincidence.
(c) Father Rosetti decides he should not keep the prophecy to himself anymore because it is not safe for him.
(d) Father Rosetti decides that if the prophecy is true, one of the girls is carrying the Son of Satan and that child must be stopped before the world is destroyed.

Short Answer Questions

1. In between Kathleen's contractions, what appears to Kathleen?

2. While Kathleen is in the Vatican, Colleen is at home in Ireland. When Colleen returns to the kitchen, what is odd?

3. What happened to Colleen's son?

4. What happens to Colleen's baby as he lays in Father Rosetti's arms?

5. How does Father Rosetti feel about the world during the girls' last few weeks of pregnancy?

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