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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book Three: Chapters 90-99.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What word would best describe the sound Kathleen hears at the clinic?
(a) Fuzzy.
(b) Annoying.
(c) High-pitched.
(d) Evil.

2. What is it about the nightmares that make them so awful?
(a) They were having visions of being raped.
(b) They had visions of a plane crashing and everyone dying.
(c) They had a vision of a person stalking them.
(d) The men in the dream were turning into "dangerous and fierce beasts."

3. When Anne and Father O'Carroll are reunited at the Beavier home, how do they react towards each other?
(a) They are angry they have to work with each other.
(b) They introduce themselves because they have never met before.
(c) They remember the feelings they had for each other years ago.
(d) They are thrilled to see each other again.

4. Why does Jamie become agitated at the bar?
(a) Because someone is being rude to him.
(b) Because his friends are harassing him about Kathleen.
(c) Because Kathleen's parents won't allow her to see him.
(d) Because his friends didn't show up at the bar.

5. What does Kathleen do to relax and ease her mind of her troubles?
(a) Goes for a long walk in the country.
(b) Leaves town for a long weekend.
(c) Goes to her room and writes in her journal.
(d) Goes to the beach and takes a swim.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Colleen run to hide in the barn?

2. How do people in Colleen's hometown treat her?

3. After speaking with Kathleen, what does Anne think about Kathleen's story?

4. While Kathleen is in the Vatican, Colleen is at home in Ireland. When Colleen returns to the kitchen, what is odd?

5. Where is Kathleen's new destination?

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