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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book Three: Chapters 90-99.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to Father Rosetti when he was entrusted with the prophecy of the church?
(a) He dies.
(b) He falls ill with a debilitatiting sickness, and now hears a "voice" in his head.
(c) He brags that he knows about the prophecy and blackmails the church.
(d) He is kidnapped.

2. Where is Kathleen going to have her baby?
(a) Back to her home in Rhode Island.
(b) Nowhere--she is going to have the baby right where she is.
(c) Inside Vatican City.
(d) To Ireland.

3. As part of Father Rosetti's plan, where must Justin go?
(a) To Rome to talk to the Italian president about the prophecy.
(b) To the United States and keep the reporters away from the girls.
(c) To Los Angeles to say a prayer for those dying of polio.
(d) To Ireland to be with Colleen.

4. How does Cardinal Rooney remember Anne?
(a) Not at all.
(b) As irresponsible.
(c) Fondly.
(d) As rude and inconsiderate.

5. Why did Anne leave her home when she was younger?
(a) Anne had to fulfill a committment to God.
(b) Anne was homeless and had nowhere else to go.
(c) Anne went to take care of a sick aunt.
(d) Anne left to go to college.

Short Answer Questions

1. What has caused the change in Mrs. Walsh's behavior?

2. What is occurring at Kathleen's home that makes her feel that things aren't normal?

3. Why does Kathleen take a trip to this city?

4. What time frame can the last few weeks of the girls' pregnancies be compared to?

5. What happens to Father Rosetti on his way to Ireland?

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