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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book One: Chapters 21-30.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Father Rosetti cross paths with Anne Fitzgerald?
(a) He bumps into Anne on the subway.
(b) He has been assigned to investigate the Polio outbreak at the same time Anne is in Los Angeles.
(c) They are neighbors.
(d) They work at the homeless shelter together.

2. What conclusion does Mrs. Walsh come to as she watches Kathleen prepare for the press conference?
(a) That Kathleen is a very sweet girl.
(b) That Kathleen is a liar.
(c) That Kathleen is evil.
(d) That Kathleen is very lonely.

3. When Anne and Father O'Carroll are reunited at the Beavier home, how do they react towards each other?
(a) They remember the feelings they had for each other years ago.
(b) They are angry they have to work with each other.
(c) They introduce themselves because they have never met before.
(d) They are thrilled to see each other again.

4. How is Father Rosetti best described?
(a) Mean and rude.
(b) Unfaithful.
(c) Dishonest.
(d) Handsome, healthy and true to his faith.

5. According to the Pope, what happened on October 13, 1917?
(a) That is the date that the Virgin Mary was seen by many people, and her message was understood by three children.
(b) That is the date the Pope was born.
(c) That is the date the Pope decided to devote his life to God.
(d) That is the date the Vatican was built.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Anne's reaction upon entering the Beavier's household?

2. What is different about the recent epidemic of polio virus than previous strains?

3. Why does Kathleen have to sit impatiently at her destination in the city?

4. How does Charles, Kathleen's father, treat Anne?

5. Why is Doctor Shapiro's opinion more important to Kathleen than the opinion of the other doctors who have examined her?

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