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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book Two: Chapters 50-59.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Even though Father Rosetti is troubled, what does he continue to think about?
(a) How lucky he is to be alive after what he's been through.
(b) What a miracle it is that both girls are virgins and pregnant.
(c) The prophecy that the Pope trusted him with.
(d) How lucky he is to be working with Anne Fitzgerald.

2. How is Jamie's personality described?
(a) A stubborn young man.
(b) A kind and generous young man.
(c) Rude and obnoxious.
(d) Confident, but with "inner insecurities."

3. What does Jamie insist about his relationship with Kathleen?
(a) Jamie insists that he had sex with Kathleen so she can't be a virgin.
(b) Jamie insists that they never had a relationship and Kathleen made it all up.
(c) Jamie insists that they are in love.
(d) Jamie insists he never slept with her and the baby can't be his.

4. What is troubling Father Rosetti after his accident?
(a) He doesn't know if he wants to be a priest anymore.
(b) He is worried that he never made it to Ireland.
(c) He is being "taunted" by the Devil.
(d) He wonders about the virgins being pregnant.

5. What does Monsignor tell Father Rosetti?
(a) The world is coming to an end.
(b) He is not meant to be a priest for much longer.
(c) That he is in danger.
(d) There is no such thing as a prophecy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where did Colleen conceive her baby?

2. How many siblings does Anne have?

3. Why does Father Rosetti feel pressure to solve this mystery of the virgin pregnancies?

4. What is the Pope's warning to Father Rosetti?

5. On his death bed, what does the Pope recall?

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