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Vatican, Rome

This is the home of the Pope and the control center of the Roman Catholic Church.

Newport, Rhode Island

This is the home of the Beavier Family.

Maam Cross, Ireland

This is the home of Colleen Gallaher.

The Voice

This object is connected with headaches and unexplainable behavior.


These are introduced in the beginning of the novel and increase in number as the story moves on. They are thought to be angels at one point.

Sun Cottage

The place where Anne stays when visiting the Beavier family.

Los Angeles

This is where the polio epidemic began.

Sachuest Point

This is the place where Kathleen became pregnant.

Liffey Glade

This is the place where Colleen became pregnant.

Holy Trinity School for Girls

This is a place where one of the characters once felt comfortable, yet it became intolerable due to how people treated her after she...

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