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Lesson 1 (from Book One: Chapters 1-2)


Book One: Chapters 1-2

Kathleen Beavier, a sixteen year old virgin, has learned she's pregnant. Kathleen's situation is an unexplained miracle. Chapters 1 and 2 establishes the foundation of other miracles left to happen. The objective of this lesson is to examine these recurring miracles.


1. Class Discussion: What miracle has occurred? How are the characters reacting to this miracle? What are the characters' options to deal with this miracle?

2. Have students write a diary entry from Kathleen's point of view. Propose questions for them to answer such as: How do you think Kathleen feels at this time? What could be going through her head? What do you think she may plan to do next? Does Kathleen consider this miracle a blessing or a curse? Why does she feel this away about this miracle?

3. History: How does Kathleen's miracle mirror the miracle of the birth of Jesus Christ...

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