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Book One: Chapters 1-2

• Kathleen Beavier, a sixteen year old virgin is introduced.

• Alone, Kathleen goes to Boston, Massachusetts to get an abortion.
• Kathleen arrives at the abortion clinic to find it empty.

• Kathleen searches the clinic and finds the doctor and nurse dead.
• Kathleen hears an evil voice in her head.

• In response to the evil voice and the traumatic events that occurred, Kathleen attempts suicide.

Book One: Chapters 3-10

• Ex-nun turned private investigator, Anne Fitzgerald, is introduced.

• Anne is hired by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston to investigate some events.

• Her first assignment is to visit the polio epidemic in Los Angeles and then Kathleen, the pregnant virgin, in Rhode Island.
• Cardinal hires Anne because he knew her when she was a nun.

• Anne's troubled childhood led her to seek solace in religion and therefore become a nun.

• After some time as a nun, Anne...

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