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Ted Conover
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Ted told was the best remedy when he sprayed pepper juice in his eye?
(a) A woman's hair
(b) Beer
(c) Salt
(d) Water

2. What did Hilario say would happen to any animals that were killed on the road?
(a) Someone would drag them out of the road
(b) Wolves would eat them
(c) Someone would eat them
(d) They would rot

3. Where did the Mexicans get the old Cadillac they had waiting in America?
(a) They stole it from other Mexicans
(b) The farmer they'd worked for in previous years
(c) The bought it for three hundred dollars
(d) It was abandoned by other Mexicans

4. What kind of land did Ted travel through after the poor farmland?
(a) Big cities
(b) Orchards
(c) Small towns
(d) Desert

5. What reason did the members of the traveling party give for using that route?
(a) It was the shortest distance to Florida
(b) There were plenty of rest stops along the way
(c) Mexicans were not typically expected there, making it safer
(d) It was the only route they knew

6. What was Juanito supposed to pick up for his mother?
(a) A bag of oranges and cornmeal
(b) Bread and milk
(c) Coke and tortillas
(d) Cokes and an orange

7. What job was Jesus offered if he would remain in Mexico?
(a) A farm laborer
(b) An auto mechanic
(c) A plumber
(d) A store clerk

8. What was the nickname of the coyote Ted met about the possibility of taking a group to Mexico?
(a) The Chicken
(b) The Top Hat
(c) The Gunslinger
(d) The Viper

9. What gift did the farmer give Ted as he was leaving the farm?
(a) A pig
(b) Advice on his friendship with the Mexicans
(c) A Bible
(d) The Book of Mormon

10. What word do many of the Mexicans confuse with "eyes?"
(a) Ice
(b) Is
(c) Nice
(d) Was

11. What did the group buy that solved the problem of no heater in the car?
(a) A new battery
(b) Blankets
(c) A new radiator
(d) A small heater

12. Why did Jesus say he was tired on the morning their trip began?
(a) He'd been too excited about the trip to sleep
(b) He'd been up late with a girl named Evangelica
(c) He'd played pool most of the night
(d) He'd been sick

13. What task was Ted supposed to perform while he was in Ahuacatlan?
(a) Teaching English
(b) Picking oranges
(c) Driving a truck
(d) Working in a mine

14. Where were they when Ted asked if they could stop to eat?
(a) Tennessee
(b) Florida
(c) Arkansas
(d) Texas

15. What did Emilio say he did during the off seasons for fruit picking?
(a) Went back to Mexico to work
(b) Went back to Mexico to visit
(c) Went to visit friends in California
(d) Went to other places in the United States to work

Short Answer Questions

1. What picture did Pancho have in his wallet that he said would protect those who prayed?

2. Where had the farmer's son learned to speak Spanish?

3. How many members were there in the group seeking a ride from the Indians?

4. Why was Cucho driving eighty-three miles per hour?

5. What did Ted call the image of the Virgin bought by most members of the group?

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