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Christopher Moore
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Short Answer Questions

1. After explaining he didn't call the police, what does M.F. tell Sam he wants?

2. Where does the nurse tell Sam that Pokey should be?

3. What does Pokey say Coyote will need to retrieve someone from the Underworld?

4. After Aaron tells Sam there's no need for Sam to sell his shares, what does Sam find Gabriella doing when he enters his office?

5. Who arrives to help Pokey and Sam when Sam is preparing for the Underworld?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why isn't Coyote able to win much at the private gambling table M.F. takes him to?

2. Why is Jake compelled to assist M.F. when M.F. calls him?

3. How does Sam come to realize he loves Calliope?

4. Why does Adeline ask the nurse at the clinic if there is room now that a horse, a young man, and an old man have left?

5. Why does Coyote take Sam's Mercedes?

6. Why does Anubis refuse to return Calliope's soul to her body?

7. Who takes the gun from Tinker and beats him? How do you know this?

8. How does Coyote stop a police officer from chasing after Calliope?

9. Why does Calliope say she did not call Sam when she discovered that Lonnie had taken Grubb?

10. Why does Coyote refer to the ATM machine as a cheating machine?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Why does Coyote have to die in order for Calliope to be resurrected? What does Anubis reveal about his brother? Why does Coyote decide to sacrifice himself for Calliope?

Essay Topic 2

What is M.F.'s role in the novel? What does the story of his past reveal about him? Why does he choose to help Sam and Coyote?

Essay Topic 3

Explain the theme of fear and courage in Coyote Blue. How is it represented? What role does fear play in Sam's life? What role does courage play?

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