Objects & Places from Coyote Blue

Christopher Moore
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Motion Marine

Sam attends a meeting here to sell insurance, after which Coyote comes and attacks Cable with a tomahawk.

Sam's Office

Sam runs his insurance business from this place where Coyote often harasses him.

The Cliffs

This is the place where Sam's townhouse is. He is voted out of this establishment when Coyote causes the other residents to believe Sam has gotten a dog.

Calliope's Apartment

This is where Grubb lives with his mother.

Santa Barbara, California

This is the place Sam runs to, after pushing Enos over the cliff.

Crow Country, Montana

This is the place where Sam is raised and where he returns after Calliope's death.

Las Vegas

This is the place where Lonnie takes Grubb, with Calliope following after him.


This is Crow magic which Coyote uses to drive Pokey crazy.

The Guild

This is the motorcycle gang that helps Lonnie kidnap Grubb...

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