Coyote Blue Fun Activities

Christopher Moore
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Chapter Titles

Create different names for each chapter in the book and explain your choices.

Crow Legends

Research Crow Indian Legends and write a four to five page research paper on the important figures (e.g., Old Man Coyote) and rituals.

Cast the Movie

Imagine you are going to make a movie of Coyote Blue. Make a list of all of the major characters in the book. What actors would you choose to play each part?

Movie Poster

Imagine Coyote Blue has been made into a movie. What would the movie poster look like? What would the movie's tag line be? Create a movie poster including the title, a captivating picture, the tag line, and the names of the major stars.

Book Report

Read another of Christopher Moore's novels, such as "Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Friend" (in which religion plays a major part) or...

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