Coyote Blue Character Descriptions

Christopher Moore
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Samson Hunts Alone AKA Samuel Hunter

This person pushed a police officer over a cliff, into a dam wall 200 feet below.

Old Man Coyote

This god and spirit helper is a trickster.

Pokey Medicine Wing

Other people think this Crow Indian medicine man is nothing more than a drunk who has no medicine.


This beautiful blond works at the Tangerine Tree Cafe.

Aaron Aaron

This person is the main character's boss; he is embarrassed by his fat wife.

Enos Windtree

This police officer is badly injured when he is thrown off a cliff.

Minty Fresh

This enforcer has golden eyes and is known by his initials.

Josh Spagnola

This person is a security guard who is beaten when his house is mistaken for the main character's house.

Adeline Eats

This person is a recently converted Christian who is haunted by a screech owl.


This character is...

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